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Cast Categories

At Talent Talks, we specialise in specialising. We aren't just another Supporting Artist Agency. Each and every one of our cast have given us their specific skill sets, which have been vetted by us to ensure you are getting the talented people that we promise.

Whether you need Rugby Players, Twins, Magicians, Experienced Military Personnel, Horse Owners, Golfers, Circus Performers or BMX Riders to name a few, Talent Talks can provide them.

Please take a minute to browse through the various categories below and hopefully you'll realise that Talent Talks is the only agency you need for all your casting needs.

Actors & Actresses

Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, Renee Zellweger, Megan Fox, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney and Channing Tatum – to name but a few actors who started off as “Extras” or “Background”.

There seems to be a stigma in the industry around Actors working as Support Artistes, however within the TT Family database we have accumulated a plethora of trained and experienced actors ready to work their skills in the industry at any given moment. Whether you require lead roles, featured, walk on or SAs, our capable actors and actresses are here waiting for their opportunity to show you what they can do.


“We give you a stage to perform on” is one of TT’s slogans and it couldn’t be more accurate than with our vast catalogue of trained and experienced dancers. We are privileged to have been part of many fantastic music videos and to give our dancers opportunities to shake their stuff on the grandest of stages.

Whatever the style of dance you need, we have dancers a plenty. Whether it’s Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Latin, Hip Hop, Jive, Street Dance or Bollywood, we have them all. Or if there is something more specific, we’ll probably have those too!

Commercial Models

The advantage you get when using Talent Talks is that we never limit ourselves in terms of the cast we can provide. Our team has been working in the industry for a long time now and through providing a range of opportunities we also have the ability to spot the talent before an agent has snapped them up. If you specifically need models with a commercial look we can not only match your brief but also give you options that haven’t been seen in the industry and you won’t find elsewhere.

Of course if you need experienced commercial models we have these too, males or females from anywhere in the UK through our ever expanding network. It is quite often that models have other strings to their bows like dancing or acting and we are the perfect place for them to showcase their range of talent.

Supporting Artists

‘Full-time extras and background?’ People often say that this cannot possibly exist as a full-time occupation, where is SA listed on any personal details form? Well its not listed, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many professional individuals that pride themselves on being the ones who enable lead actors to shine, commercials to sell and movies to be realistic. Here at TT we have many SAs from all walks of life across the UK with varying sizes, shapes, nationalities and abilities. SAs/Extras/Background are the driving force and heartbeat of the TTFamily, whether you want those with a long list of credits on their CV or people who are just coming into the industry we are the place for you.


Whether it is instrument playing aficionados or someone who can whack out a falsetto, you’re certainly in the right place. We have singer songwriters, solo singers, bands, drummers, guitarists, pianists and anything else you could think of.

Whilst it may be seen as difficult to piece together a band or something similar with musicians in the short time frames the industry frequently works with, we have people who have played/worked together on many occasions and have the existing relationship and chemistry to fulfil any requirement. Say you need a four-piece girl band then we can send you the polished article and many more to match specific briefs.

Police Uniforms

The UK Film and TV Registration Scheme now requires SA’s who own, travel with and use police uniform / costume for filming to be registered with them. If you need SA’s with Police Uniform that are registered to the scheme please contact us - we have them, all with pictures, in their uniform at your service!

Parent & Child, Siblings, Real Couples & Families

TT Family by name, TT Family by nature. Not only does everyone on the books here at Talent Talks consider one another as family they also bring their blood relatives along for jobs too. If you need to cast a ‘mother and son’ or a ‘family’, the chemistry between them will always be better if they are genuine family members.

It is quite regular that we will have mothers and fathers who are actors or models signed up with us who want to get their children involved in the industry and will consider us a great starting point to build a CV and experience. In addition to this members will see our auditions and suggest to family that they join them for a job. Due to our reach we can offer professionals and “real” people with actual relationships.


'Yes I have a twin. No I can’t read their mind' #TwinProblems. Whether you need twin children or twin adults or just want to use two people as the same character. Problem solved with our TT Twins.

As with any category our guys and girls offer much more and they aren’t just twinning. They will have other skills too, just as cover should they ever find themselves needing to ride solo. We’ve got twin presenters, twin models, twin dancers, twin actors and even twin DJs!

Tattooed People

‘Don't worry if you had a bad day, remember there are people who have their ex's name tattooed on their body’. Some tattoos are tragic, but we’ve got loads of people that have ones that aren’t.

It is estimated that one in five of the UK population has tattoos. So when making anything to appeal to a general demographic one in five of the cast will have or should have a tattoo of some sort? These are pretty easy to find however when it comes to a specific tattoo brief we've got what you within the TT family. 

Whether you need a alternate male and female models with sleeve tattoos, unique people covered from head to toe in tattoos or anything in between (quite literally) we're the place for you. Need inked people? We’ve got inked people. 

Pierced People

‘Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They have already experience pain and bought jewellery’. Which may or may not be the reason for male piercings, but if you need pierced guys or gals, we’ve got a whole mixture of punctured peeps.

As our quest to host the most diverse database of people continues into a pierced people category we ask ourselves where would we be without someone who could put a hotdog sausage through a hole in their ear? No matter how weird or wonderful a request might seem, we have a way of making square pegs fit round holes with the alternate cast members we have.

Crazy, Coloured, Wild or Funky Hair

‘Life is too short to have boring hair’. It seems some of our cast are planning on living fast and dying young as we have some amazing and crazy hairstyles in amongst the TT Family. You need wild and whacky, we’ve got them! Whether its coloured, braided, bushy, shaved, cornrowed, extended, dyed, long, short, frizzed or a mixture of them all, we'll have the hair do for you. 

Muscle Men

‘When I exercise, I wear all black. It’s like going to a funeral…….. for my fat’. We all love a 6 pack (one way or another). If you need guys with the muscle kind, we've got more abs than you can shake a protein bar at. This categroy is very much self explanatory, whatever you might need these adonises for we've got plenty of variations on the classic muscle man.


In addition to the existing Tattoo and Pierced categories we have a specialist catergory that delves deeper into the Alternate bracket where you might be able to find just what you are looking for....‘Why fit in, when you born to STAND OUT?’.

If you shoot needs people classified as alternate in some way, perhaps rockers, goths, punks, emo or anything else other than the norm, we have a pool of wonderful people to book. A lot of people in this category are experienced performers and have skills you may not have imagined to go along with their original appearances. Just ask to see what there is.

Facial Hair - Beard and Moustache

‘When someone asks me if my beard makes me hot in the summer, I like to reply that it makes me hot all year round’. What is the reason for men being able to grow facial hair? Is there some evolutionary reasons like they are to keep the face warm, camouflage while hunting for food or a way of attracting a mate? We don't know, but what we do know is that we love a good beard.

If you need young fashionable beards, old bushy beards, or any other type beard, give us a beard.... oh errr, no, give us a shout!


Fitness Models

In amongst our pool of models, we have those who cover the fitness genre. At TT we are incredibly jealous of their toned bods and rightly so! The models we have are at the peak of their physical prowess with many of them being regualar competitors in fitness competitions as well as personal trainers to those of us who aspire to be more like them. Their dedication to their bodies as a profession is something to be in owe of and whether you need someone who is cut and shredded ready to take to the stage or someone who is off-season toned we've got them all here.

Catwalk Models

‘I do my little turn on the catwalk’. Immortal words from the one and only Right Said Fred (Google him kids). If you need guy or girl catwalk models to strut their stuff on the catwalk, don't book Right Said Fred, come to us.

Catwalk models have unique looks so can be used for an array of jobs. TT Family catalkers are happy in get involved in all types of projects so if you need a beautiful, imposing and professional male or female for anything then let us know.

Hand models

‘I always wanted to be a hand model just so when I walked into gigs I could say "yes, I'm here for the hand job."’ Basically, we’ve got beautiful hands.

(Ex) Military & Emergency Services Personnel

No quote needed for these guys and girls. We know the importance at times for people that know how to handle weapons correctly or how to act in certain Film & TV Scenarios where a normal SA might not. In this instance, delve in to our serving and ex serving military personnel and emergency services personnel.

Tough Guys & Girls

Tough guys and girls are the essentials for any gang, squad or posse. If you're looking to recruit some heavies, goons or hard hitter as back up to the leader we have a conveyer belt churning these guys out as though it was a secret soldier program. Right size, right look, right place!

BMX Riders

‘A bad day on the BMX always beats a good day in the office’ – BMX riders hate offices it seems. Which is good, because should you need BMX Riders, we have your every day riders to World Record Holders and Professional Champions.


‘Riding a Skateboard doesn’t make you a Skateboarder. Being unable to stop riding a skateboard is what makes you a skateboarder’. Our skateboarders are popular in shoots, and again much like the BMX guys, we’ve got your everyday users to the cream of the crop professional skateboarders.

Circus Performers & Stunt Workers

If you need stilt walkers, fire eaters or breathers, aerialists, angle ginders or any other circus act or indeed stunt performers, we have access to these dare defying individuals. Let us know what you require and we can send you some amazingly talented individuals.

With many of our cast they like to add as many strongs to their bows as they can. Some call it greedy others call it versitility. Many will be trained in a primary discipline, ie. acting or dancing, and add the stunt register to their CV through wanting to be available for as many roles as possible.

Stage Combat Training & Weapons Trained

On a more specific string note... For those scenes where you need highly skilled weapons experts or those who know how not to break their back when falling off a table (always helpful), ask us about out weapons trained folks and those trained in stage fighting. 

Beat Boxers & DJ’s

Sometimes it is important to have someone who looks the part and at others it is important to have someone who can play the actual part. If your Production has the need for someone who knows how to get a party started and mix on the decks, make use of our real DJ’s. Or if you have a requirement for a beat boxer, we’ve got them too!

Parkour & Free Runners

‘Our aim is to take our art to the world and make people understand what it is to move’. There’s no doubt that Parkour is an art form. Watching these guys in full flight is an incredible sight. A rarity amongst the talents of minions however we’ve got a few that certainly fit the bill if you need any.

Tap, Ballet, Ballroom, Salsa, Belly & Burlesque Dancers

Talent Talks is home to ALL types of dancers not just the more common dance styles. We have gifted male and female dancers of all ages who have the highest training at the most exclusive dance schools. Whatever your dancer requirements, we have it covered.

Break Dancers, Poppers, Lockers & Dance Troupes

Street and freestyle dancing is becoming more and more popular which is why this category of brilliant guys and girls deserves its own mention. Even more specific than the dance styles previously mentioned, we have our more extreme dance styles ready at your disposal.

Sign Language Interpreters

Another specific talent that we have on our books is knowing how to communicate between deaf and hearing people. We do have interpreters ready and certified to communicate away, just communicate with us!


‘Great Liars Are Also Great Magicians’... Who said that? Any takers? Well you wouldn’t have said Adolf Hitler would you! Well he did. If you want Magicians, **poof** we can make them appear. Terrible pun intended… (sorry).

Pet Owners

Our TT Family doesn’t just include adults and children, oh no. We’ve extended it to now include our TT Animal Family, so all furry, four legged friends (other animals are included). But on several occasional our cast have attended set with their cats, dogs and even horses - no crocodiles or lizards yet but we are prepared for any eventuality!


Talent Talks has access to practicing cheerleaders male and female and of various ages, including a whole team, that are ready to shake their pom poms, throw, flip and tumble their way onto set.


Don’t get caught with a sucker punch. If your shoot contains any sort of Boxing scenario, its critical to ensure your Boxers make the weight - take a look at our selection of trained boxers.

Basketball, Football & Rugby Players

Whether you need kickers of the round ball, throwers of the oval ball, or dunkers of the orange ball we’ve got experienced club players perfect for your shoots. We have recreational players, club players, semi-professional players and ex professional players who know their sports inside out.

Martial Arts Students, Instructors & Experts

If you require Judo, Karate or Taekwondo (and all the various other Martial Arts) students or even the highest level instructors and experts, we have them all ready to go. Martial Arts is a skill that cannot easily be mimicked or faked so why not get the real thing in to add a level of realism to your shoot.

Swimmers & Divers

It’s important that if you have scenes of people swimming, the cast boked actually can swim. Insurance companies will testify to this! We have a wealth of recreational swimmers and divers as well as club swimmers and high board divers regularly competing in competitions. We even have certified deep sea divers, if you fancy cracking out the underwater cameras!

Athletes: Track & Field

Along with our pool of fitness models, we have a variety of track and fields athletes from recreational to club level. If you need sprinters, middle distance runners to long distance and marathon runners, we’ve got the lot. Throw in to the mix the field events as well, we have a whole TT Olympic team!

Skiers & Snowboarders

‘You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a lift pass’. If you need happy talented skiers and snowboarders complete with equipment, come slide over to us.

Ice Hockey Players, Ice Skaters & Figure Skaters

In the TTFamily we have lovers of all things ice…. ice hockey players as well as champion ice and figure skaters. If you don’t want your SA’s to look like Bambi on ice, utilise our ice fanatics.

Cricketers, Cyclists & Golfers

More sportsmen and women with equipment here. We have club cricketers, cyclists that hit the road every day and golfers playing off single figure handicaps. Like all of our sports categorised people, they all have their individual sports equipment and clothing.

Hockey & Netball Players

We’ve previosuly worked on shoots requiring full teams for both Hockey and Netball so we've kept them within our sports ranks. They are more than happy to work on other Productions, why wouldn't they be? So, if you need a team or simply a few talented individuals, the TT Family can supply what you need.

Tennis, Badminton & Squash Players

After talented racket sports players? Guess what... we’ve tennis, badminton and squash players playing at a variety of levels as required. From amateur through to professionals and coaches we can cater for your needs.

Weightlifters & Bodybuilders

The slightly larger species of human gives us the amazingly impressive category that takes strength to a level beyond our muscle men and fitness models. We have an array of competing male and female bodybuilders as well as dedicated weightlifters amongst our books each with an impressive picture portfolio. If you ever need someone to lift a car or enormous boulder over their shoulder we know you can get them via us.

Rally Drivers & Super Bikers

Buckle up! Speedsters or Petrol Heads, whatever you want to call them, we have thrill seekers that love the speed! We have trained title holding Rally Drivers and several Super Bike enthusiasts with some impressive bikes to bring along if required. In addition to individuals we have drivers who can bring pit teams and their own modified race day cars, along with a crew of quad bikers we really could supply you with the motors to rev up your production.

Sailing, Boating, Power Boats, Canoeists & Water Based

Row, row, row your boat... We’ve got water lovers in the TT Family too. If you need advisors, licenced drivers, instructors or water based enthusiasts, give us the brief and we’ll see what sea legs we have available.


Next up in the TT Olympics. Should your Production require people to put their body in shapes that 99.99% of the world can’t or do something amazingly gravity defying hang from rings for any reason at all, you’ll need some bendy, flexible and strong people. We have a fantastic group of Gymnasts for you to consider.

Roller Bladers & Skaters

Cast that know what they’re doing on Roller Blades or Skates is probably quite important in any skating scenes on shoots, you don’t want to be booking Frank Spencer. In this instance, we’d suggest rolling on over to us and booking our capable cast. This is one of our categories that works in tendem with another. Quite often the ice loving skaters will also be accomplished roller bladers and skaters for practice and sporting reasons. Unfortunately it is not always a two way street so we're glad to have plenty of both.

People With Every Day Regular Jobs

One of the newest addition to our casting categories is out internal ‘Regular Job’ section. We know that not all of our models, actors and SAs are full time but that many also have regular jobs. We thought it was about time we gave them some recognition for being able to do what they do on a day to day basis. Our cast have appeared on set doing what they do as a "real" job. These include Chefs, Butchers, Carpenters, Shop Assistants, Hairdressers, Paramedics and even an Ironmonger!

Stand Ins

We know the importancy of Stand Ins for Music Promos, TV and Films, and having the corrcet Stand In can often be a critical part of the shoot. We've got Z-Cards of each and every member, that not only display a few pictures showing vital info such as skin tone and hair colour, but also includes the individuals heights and statistics. This way you can be sure that the stand in has the correct measurements for your Production.

Need a Stand In? Send us the stats that you need and we can get you some options pronto!

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