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We are looking for males that have good availability over the next 4-6 weeks (so from now until end of October).

The guy will be needed to play a dead person (featured rate). They will play the part of a murdered lorry driver and will have at least a day filming. But importantly we need a passport style / ID photo by Friday morning from them, so if you are selected, you'll need to provide one almost instantly.

The male needs to be max 5’9 in height and small frame 34 waist max, and 40 chest max. The smaller the better really.

The filming date will be Wednesday 4th October subject to change.

Please apply ASAP - there may be quite a few shooting dates for you.


  • Location: London
  • Payment: FAA Rates (Minus 15%)
  • Job category: TV Series
  • Age: 45-60
  • Shoot Date: 04/10/2017
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 04/10/2017

This is an open posting

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