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Hi - please read the full brief on this one.... there is 6 months worth of shoots potentially here for those that want it.... its a bit different to what we usually do, but a good one all the same. Subscribed Talent Talks members will be prioritised and will be given so many more rides than non-members.

These classes have been going on since October 2018, and we have built up a great feeling of a Spinning community, so hop on board and get fit with everyone else!

Please note - these are spinning classes, so you are responsible to declare yourself fit enough to complete the classes.

So - we are shooting for a new Sports App and are looking for up to 20 people every day until the summer of 2019. Each session lasts up to 4 hours and we'll be having 1 session of 20 people in the morning and 1 session of 20 people in the afternoon. This will be every Monday-Friday from mid October 2018 to June 2019.

Each person on each session will be paid £40 and you will be needed for 4 hours. Overtime is paid of £10 per hour if the session over runs (although unlikely). We appreciate its not a 'normal' half a day rate, but this isn't a 'normal' shoot.

Each morning or afternoon session will include 2 spinning classes, the longest being 2 x 45 minute classes, hence the level of fitness required. We can't have people stopping half way through, but similarly you won't be pushed to your limit as in real spinning classes, but it might be made to look like you do. Basically, NO couch potatoes on this one.

At this stage, if you are interested, you just need to apply for this job post. If you have any availability between now and end March, then please apply.

Basically, we want to pay you to get fit! Cancel that gym membership and get paid 40 quid a day to do some spinning and get yourself trim!

Please note - you are not permitted to do 2 sessions in one day.

Other things to note:

Two shifts to choose from: 8.45am-12.45pm or 1.15pm-5.15pm (not permitted to do two shifts in a single day).

A Health and Safety Disclaimer will need to be signed.

A short break will be given in between the two classes.

Water and towels will be provided

Access to wash basins are very limited, so a change of clothes between classes may be desired if you’re someone who gets very sweaty!

Your fee will include appearance fee and usage for digital channels worldwide in perpetuity.

Please apply if interested!


  • Location: East London
  • Payment: £40 for 4 hours (1 Session)
  • Job category: App Video
  • Age: 16-55
  • Shoot Date: 30/06/2019
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 30/06/2019

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