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Talent Talks are working with ITV on supplying cast for the Series 'Autopsy' The Last Hours of...... We supplied cast for 3 Series already and in 2019 we'll be supplying a load more... This is a series of reconstruction docu-dramas that require people to simulate real people who were around at the time of the individuals death. These might be band members, tour managers, band member's partners, groupies - anything!

Payment is £120 per day minus TT commission which is 15% for Talent Talks subscribed members and 20% for non-subscribed members.

Please note that all cast booked on this series will need to have been DBS checked and have a certificate on their Talent Talks profile. If you don't have one you need to commit to applying for one at a cost of £25 to yourself in order to be booked on this Production.

On this job post we are looking for a Caucasian female with short blonde hair, aged around 18-25

This character will be needed on Wednesday 24th April.

Please apply ASAP.


  • Location: London
  • Payment: £120 (Minus Commission)
  • Job category: TV Series
  • Age: 18-25
  • Shoot Date: 24/04/2019
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 24/04/2019

This is an open posting

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