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Please read this job post in full.

1. Please ONLY apply if you are a STRONG SKIIER or SNOWBOARDER.

2. You are able to go to AUSTRIA for 10 days with relatively short notice (shoot will be between Feb 24th and March 18th, so 10 days between then).

3. You have a valid in date Passport.

4. If you have a partner that fits the bill, this is an Open Post so they can create a profile as well and apply. Make sure you mention each other on your applications, so we can send you as a couple to the client. Your partner MUST have their own profile and apply via it as well.

To summarise, we are looking for 2 actors to play a 30 something, heterosexual couple who are on a ski holiday in Austria.

Basically, they’re enjoying themselves, taking in the sights and shaking off the city stress of London - nothing crazy new there.

The scenes involve lots of skiing, eating, drinking and exploring villages plus a morning scene in their hotel room where the woman nudges the man to make him wake up and enjoy the view.

The roles have dialogue, with a small amount of acting - most notably, the male part will need to act a couple of humorous scenes where he bumps into people or saves someone from dropping a glass.

The main thing is that they come across as dual income 30 something year old professionals who can ski/snowboard.

- Early 30s woman - needs to have positive screen presence and come across as a solid central figure

- Late 30s man - starts out coming across grumpy and tired… ends up falling in love with Austria and feeling relaxed. He needs to portray a visible change in mood throughout the film.

- We are looking for ethnic diversity.

- Both must be strong skiers or snowboarders

The Shoot

- 10 days of filming. Hopefully this can be done in one go, but we do need to allow for breaking it into two or more parts for the weather.

- It’s going to be a small (4 person, plus 2 actors = 6 total) crew so it should be stress free and fun.

- The days should be under 9 hours. However, we do need to be prepared for some longer 10-12 hour to allow for road road travel between locations

- Timings are some time between Feb 24 - March 18

Payment is £400 per day (all in fee). Payment is subject to Talent Talks commission which is 15% for subscribed members or 20% for non-subscribed members.

This is an OPEN POST, so anyone can apply. If you are a subscribed member or you have a profile already you will be able to apply for this job post.

If you do not have a profile with us, not a problem, at all. All you need to do is follow the below instructions:

Click here and this will allow you to create a profile, please add your photos to it and complete the profile as much as possible. Please then make sure you APPLY for this job post. So you'll need to find it on the jobs page and APPLY.

You MUST apply for the job AFTER creating a profile if you are new to the Talent Talks website.


  • Location: Austria
  • Payment: £400 per day (Minus Commission)
  • See TT Commission Structure on FAQ Page
  • Job category: Tourism Office Shoot
  • Age: 30-40
  • Shoot Date: 01/03/2020
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 01/03/2020

This is an open posting

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