We are shooting a Music Video for a UK Band on Wednesday 1st December and require some specific cast who each have some sort of acting experience.

Payment is £150 for a 10 hour day including 1 hour for lunch.

On this job post we are looking for a tall male with a playing age of between 30 and 37. He needs to be a tall male, so someone over 6'0.

His character brief is below:

The ‘Tall Man’ is a bit of a dinosaur. An embodiement of some of the more bolshy, misguided masculine chararchteristics. He’s that guy who bowles in and then starts to take charge, he’s a bit oblivious to how this affect those around him. Morally guided by the misconception that he’s the best guy for the job. Strangely it come from a positive place but the energy comes out as overly assertive, so when someone holds him to account he’s shocked that someone would be annoyed by him. He’s the guy who gets things done, or so that’s the character that he believes he is. Later we see that there is  a vindictive, canniving nature to him.

Please apply ASAP if interested and available.

Payment is subject to Talent Talks commission, this being 15% for subscribed Talent Talks members.


  • Location: London
  • Payment: £150
  • Job category: Music Video
  • Age: 30-37
  • Shoot Date: 01/12/2021
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 01/12/2021

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