We are looking for cast to play Mortuary workers for Wednesday 8th December in Hoddesdon.


Test Thursday 2nd December in Hoddesdon


Costume / Make up fitting Either Friday 3rd December PM or Saturday 4th December AM/PM


They would also need to test on Monday 6th December ahead of the shoot day on Wednesday 8th December.


Covid Test - Thursday 2nd December or Friday 3rd December. 

Fitting - Friday 3rd December or Saturday 4th December .


Covid Test Monday 6th December 

Shoot Day Wednesday 8th December 




Natural Hair [Think Middle America]

No coloured hair

Not groomed 

No metro males 

Prepare for hair cut. Will need to have their hair cut so shouldn’t be committed to other work for continuity. 

No coloured nails 

No parts

No Corns

No grades

No partings.


Measures they need to be not too big no taller than 6’0 and no smaller than 5’5

No one to big and no one too small is key.


Paid FAA rates.


Apply now.

Payment is subject to Talent Talks commission, this being 15% for subscribed Talent Talks members and 20% for non-subscribed Talent Talks members.


  • Location: Hoddesdon
  • Payment: FAA Rates
  • Job category: TT
  • Age: 20+
  • Shoot Date: 04/12/2021
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 04/12/2021

This is an open posting

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