We are looking for a someone who ideally (not essential)  attended our Spinning Classes before Covid did it's thing.

We are currently supplying stand ins for our client every day for the last 6 months, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. We need to increase our pool of stand ins with someone who fits the below brief. Once you are part of the pool, you will be offered shifts every week and you tell us which you are avialable for and we'll tell you which you are confirmed in on.

The person we are looking for is a mixed race male approx 5'7 to join our pool of stand ins.

All of the 'shifts' are in Covent Garden, London and are paid £120 subject to TT commission.

You will need some degree of physicaly fitness, but also know what the classes are all about - which is why ideally we want someone who requently did the classes (though not essential). 

Some shifts will be on the spinning bike, some will be on the treadmill and some will be doing weights. 

You will ALSO need to attend a PCR Covid test at some point in Central London where you'll be paid £50 as well. If you are selected to join the pool of stand ins, we'll arrange the Covid test the day before your first shift.

When you apply, please let us know how many classes you did when they were on (if any, and if you did even if only a rough guess). This isn't essential, but preferred.

We are supplying stand ins every week for Peloton at the moment and have been for the last 6 months, so the confirmed person is likely to be offered days every week moving forward.

Payment is subject to Talent Talks commission, this being 15% for subscribed Talent Talks members and 20% for non-subscribed Talent Talks members.

This is an OPEN POST, so anyone can apply. If you are a subscribed member or you have a profile already you will be able to apply for this job post.

If you do not have a profile with us, not a problem, at all. All you need to do is follow the below instructions:

Click here and this will allow you to create a profile, please add your photos to it and complete the profile as much as possible. Please then make sure you APPLY for this job post. So you'll need to find it on the jobs page and APPLY.

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  • Location: Covent Garden, London
  • Payment: £120 per day
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  • Job category: Stand In
  • Age: 18-45 and Height Dependent
  • Shoot Date: 31/01/2022
  • Posted: N/A

How To Apply

  • Deadline 31/01/2022

This is an open posting

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