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One Direction 'Live While We're Young'

Date: 1st Aug 2012 | Client: Rokkit


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After two weeks of 'Keep The One Direction Video Secret' - an operation James Bond would have been proud of, although Gemma struggled to contain herself, we finally had the cast selected for the One Direction Shoot. Filmed in Rural Kent Countryside in a private location - seriously, no one would EVER have known we were there it was so remote! The Shoot was filmed over two days which were not as warm as it appeared in the Video, but was an amazing day. Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn & Liam spent almost all day socialising with the Talent Talks crew, playing football, Niall playing his guitar, having water fights and generally having a great day. The Music Video is a brilliant fun concept and 4 days after its release has had over 25 million hits already..... Special mention has to go to Talent Talks Member Jill who makes the Final Cut of the video not only with an Andy Carroll style header (whilst in goal may I add!) but also by scoring a penalty through Harry's legs! I'm pretty sure Jill missed her penalty so good bit of editing there! Enjoy the Video - Talent Talks LOVED being on set!

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