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Tony Mortimer: 'Shake It Down'

Date: 8th Apr 2013 | Client: Mastermind Media


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Lovers of East 17, lovers of Cheesy Pop Songs and lovers of Tony Mortimer will LOVE this track 'Shake It Down' by the ex East 17 legend. We can't stop putting it on in the office as once you've heard it, you won't want to turn it off! Catchy little song... take a listen! Tony hasn't lost it as he's got himself a nice little love interest as well!! Good work Tone - you haven't lost it!!
Incidentally, as I am getting the code from You Tube to inbed the below video, I noticed the most recent comment..... from the one and only Brian Harvey (also of forementioned band East 17).... last thing I'd heard he ran himself over?? Anyway, even 'B' likes it and an endorsement from the Harveymaster is as good as any!
"Good on you m8, I mean that. Life is too short, Im glad to see you in a really good place. Well done m8 serious." (Brian Harvey 2013)

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