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Ultrabeat: 'Rising'

Date: 5th Nov 2012 | Client: Luti Media


Moped fans, THIS is what you’ve been waiting for all these years! Strange idea for a Music Video this one. Perhaps the originality of no one ever doing (or probably ever will do) a Music Video that centres around mopeds before was the catalyst in this decision. And we all know that you can’t beat a moped based, girl has bad boyfriend (not interested in mopeds), meets new boyfriend (interested in mopeds) storyline now can we. Thrown in a handsome tea drinking moped mechanic called Martin and you’ve got every ingredient of a top Music Video. What exactly mopeds has to do with the song or lyrics we cant fathom, but whatever the reason, we think it’s a pretty damn cool video starring, Leo as the bad boyfriend (boooo),Danny as the good boyfriend (hooray) and Martin as the mechanic. Good work chaps!

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