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Samsung: 'Masterclasses in how to use the Samsung NX1000 Camera'

Date: 30th Jun 2013 | Client: Rokkit



Samsung recently released their Samsung NX1000 camera based on the fact that anyone can use it! Their marketing campaign focused on the fact that you don’t need to be the famous photographer David Bailey to use it……  Samsung cleverly found 100 David Baileys up and down the country and gave them the Samsung NX1000 to see how they got on! Unfortunately we don’t have any David Baileys on our books, but we do have a load of cast that happened to help out! From Georgia having pictures of her shoes taken, to Rowan taking photos of our superhero on a trampoline, to the Papushi family at Paradise Wildlife Park, not only can David Bailey use the camera, so can the TT Fam!

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