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We are looking for a diverse group of people aged 24-36 to be in an exciting music promo, think "Buffalo 66" style! You will need to have some acting experience.

The shoot is looking to take place on Thursday the 18th of April, but date is still to be confirmed.

Shoot will be taking place in London.

Payment is £100 for a 10 hour day. Payment is subject to 15% commission for members and 20% commission for non-members.


  • Location: london
  • Payment: 100
  • See TT Commission Structure on FAQ Page
  • Job category: music promo
  • Age: 24-36
  • Shoot Date: 27/04/2019
  • Posted: 15/04/2019

How To Apply

  • Deadline 27/04/2019

This is an open posting

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