Gemma Gurvitz


Gemma is the female Boss of Talent Talks and views everyone on the books as her children! She often has proud 'mum' moments and still after 10 years, shouts at the TV every time she spots a shoot we have cast for, much to the annoyance of her other half.

Gemma's Achilles' heel is the English Language. She has never and will never be able to spell basic works such as 'Business' (you'd have thought she'd have got that one by now). Also apologies to any Brians on our books if Gemma has ever called you 'Brain'. She gets 'Brain' and 'Brian' confused too.

Gemma is a workaholic and although she loves a holiday, her laptop is never far away!

Biggest Like : Brunches. Biggest Dislike : Public Transport.

Steve Robins


Steve may have to give up work soon for his other job. This being a full time human climbing frame and human tissue for his 4 and 1 year old daughters. Otherwise known as Mr Talent Talks who knows the company inside out and keeps the cogs turning. Tends to get a lot of his work done between 10pm and 1am when the kids give him a break for a few hours.

Steve put off going to set for about 6 years, but you may see him now on our Spinning Classes. If not, you'll definitely see him on the Dance Floor of the next Talent Talks Party. Probably perfecting his dad dancing and preparing for 4 days of aching.

Louise Smith

Bookings & Accounts Manager

Louise LOVES her job so much that she refuses to take holiday. She's got so much entitlement, she could go on a trip to the moon. If Louise isn't at work, she'll be at home with her kids, usually busying herself until midnight every night and then wonders why she's tired. Louise appreciates silence, so much so that she calls it a "beautiful sound" - maybe because she doesn’t get any! (silence, she doesn't get any silence!)

Louise is an animal lover and likes zombie flicks (random combination). Her dislikes are negative people and basic grammar mistakes. Louise believes a zombie apocalypse will cause the end of the world but her film based knowledge will save her from a brain-sucking end!

Bobby Mitchell

On Set Shoot Manager

Bobby, aged 31 and cranky in his old age. Bobby is our man on the ground who you’ll probably see on set. Don’t be late or he’ll soon be on the phone chasing you! People with bad time-keeping is one of Bobby’s pet hates – he says his time is too important for people to mess with! When he’s not on set, he’s at TT HQ investigating who ate the food that he bought and didn’t eat. Who ate Bobby's Rolo Yogurts or Space Raiders?

Outside of work Bobby is pretty active and busy, he’s always doing something, but we don’t really know what. He says he has a lot of likes, but we don’t know them. He dislikes Social Media (doesn’t understand it) and as we know, people who are late!

Elisha Voller

Booking and Casting Assistant

Elisha is our booking and casting assistant, who you will bump into on set from time to time. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a First Class Degree in 2019 in TV and Film, so she knows her schizzle. Since graduating Elisha has moved from Brighton to London with her two kittens, Olive and Jasper. You’ll likely find Elisha cooking up a storm in the kitchen (she brings cakes to work) or having an early night with a cuppa (when work allows).

Elisha is known to enjoy a 5am run before work (mad) and has recently started knitting. Won't be long before late night casting requests from clients but s stop to those two pastimes!

Rob Norris


Rob is our tech wizzard (otherwise known as the Talent Talks nerd) but is the man that makes things work so that we can work. Rob talks in a foreign language that no one else really understands, full of techy email and computers based jargon that might as well be Chinese when speaking to the rest of us. Outside of making our computers work, Rob is a staunch follower of Arsenal, so when he's not got his head stuck in a server somewhere, he's usually crying in to his beer somewhere.

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