Gemma Gurvitz


Gemma is the female Boss of Talent Talks and views everyone on the books as her children! She often has proud 'mum' moments and still after 10 years, shouts at the TV every time she spots a shoot we have cast for, much to the annoyance of her other half.

Gemma's Achilles' heel is the English Language. She has never and will never be able to spell basic works such as 'Business' (you'd have thought she'd have got that one by now). Also apologies to any Brians on our books if Gemma has ever called you 'Brain'. She gets 'Brain' and 'Brian' confused too.

Gemma is a workaholic and although she loves a holiday, her laptop is never far away!

Biggest Like : Brunches. Biggest Dislike : Public Transport.

Steve Robins


Steve may have to give up work soon for his other job, this being a full time human climbing frame / human tissue for his 5 and 2 year old daughters. Otherwise known as Mr Talent Talks who knows the company inside out and keeps the cogs turning. Tends to get a lot of his work done between 10pm and 1am when the kids give him a break for a few hours.

Steve put off going to set for about 6 years but you may see him now on our spinning classes or if not, you'll definitely see him on the dance floor of the next Talent Talks Party perfecting his dad dancing and preparing for four days of aching. Still thinks it's perfcetly normal to be playing football at weeknds, (not watching, but playing) even though he's in his early 40's. Hooray for Cod Liver Oil. 

Louise Smith

Bookings & Accounts Manager

Louise LOVES her job so much that she refuses to take holiday. She's got so much entitlement, she could go on a trip to the moon. If Louise isn't at work, she'll be at home with her kids, usually busying herself until midnight every night and then wonders why she's tired. Louise appreciates silence, so much so that she calls it a "beautiful sound" - maybe because she doesn’t get any! (silence, she doesn't get any silence!)

Louise is an animal lover and likes zombie flicks (random combination). Her dislikes are negative people and basic grammar mistakes. Louise believes a zombie apocalypse will cause the end of the world but her film based knowledge will save her from a brain-sucking end!

Bobby Mitchell

On Set Shoot Manager

Bobby, aged 35 and cranky in his old age. Bobby is our man on the ground who you’ll probably see on set. Don’t be late or he’ll soon be on the phone chasing you! People with bad time-keeping is one of Bobby’s pet hates – he says his time is too important for people to mess with! When he’s not on set, he’s at TT HQ investigating who ate the food that he bought and didn’t eat. Who ate Bobby's Rolo Yogurts or Space Raiders? (Probably Gemma).

Outside of work Bobby is pretty active and busy, he’s always doing something, but we don’t really know what. He says he has a lot of likes, but we don’t know them. He dislikes Social Media (doesn’t understand it) and as we know, people who are late!

Bobby's is currently going for the Tom Hanks in Castaway look, so whilst he still acts like the Hulk at 6am, he looks more homeless. Think a homeless incredible hulk stuck on a desert island trying to call people who are late for a shoot - that's our Bobby.

Sarah Jackson

Booking and Casting Assistant

Sarah is our own Angel of the North. Our Geordie Dick Whittington who came down saaarf to London to find her home and never went back. Sarah started off at TT just 'doing a bit of admin to help out'; then was working on our Peloton project (booo to Covid for halting that one), but in true Talent Talks style, once she started, she was given loads of work and now she's pretty much full time.

Sarah's idols are (of course) Ant and Dec, and she once cried when at the live Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Tour. Her favourite thing to eat other than Greggs is either battered bread (how is that even a thing) or a Stottie which is some sort of bread roll stuffed with ham and pease pudding. Its a North East thing. Her favourtite drink is (probably) Newcastle Brown Ale and her favourite singer is (probably) Jimmy Nail. Favourite pastime is falling asleep on a Sunday night with a glass of red in her hand. Haway the lads and up the toon!

Angie Walpole

Booking and Casting Assistant

Angie, fresh back from living in sunny Dubai, is the newest member of the TT Team. She was recruited as a part time admin assistant and within a month was helping the rest of the Team with bookings for Productions.

She LOVES her job and never goes anywhere without her laptop, it's like her second child.... Angie loves exploring, having travelled Asia, lots of the Middle East and Australia too, but is now settled back with her family in the UK and is enjoying the British scenery for a change.

You'll hopefully see her on set from time to time as she loves meeting people and putting faces to names (although weather permitted, she only seems to appear in the summer months!) The apple of her eye is her little girl, Poppy, who Angie is sure will be on the TT books very soon as she loves to perform and be the centre of attention, unlike her mummy who is very happy behind the scenes, you'll never get Angie stepping in as an SA!

Rob Norris


Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they're just carrying an ethernet cable and a wifi switch box. Rob is our tech wizzard (otherwise known as the Talent Talks nerd) but he is the man that makes things work, so that we can work. Rob talks in a computer based jargon language that no one else really understands, full of techy know how and computer based wording that might as well be a foreign language when speaking to the rest of us.

Outside of trying to convince Gemma that she doesn't need to keep emails from 2013 on her laptop and of course making our computers work, Rob is a staunch follower of Arsenal, so when he's not got his head stuck in a server somewhere, he's usually crying in to his beer somewhere. Used to be Gunnersuaraus at weekends until he got sacked.

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