Gemma Gurvitz


Gemma is the heart and soul of Talent Talks and is bubblier than a melchizedek of champagne! Gemma sees TT as one big family and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make production and cast happy.

Gemma probably spends more time than she would like writing poorly worded and grammatically incorrect emails.  However she's done pretty well considering she is a self diagnosed dyslexic (although not an official one). Gemma aspires to one day own an island, regardless of size, and currently owns a pair of pink boxing gloves... so watch what you say!

Likes: Quorn, fur and leopard print and bling (bit chav but she’s made peace with it). Dislikes: American style spelling bees, caffeine (actually allergic), colours, jeans, trainers.

Steve Robins


Steve tends to stick rigidly to his chair at TT HQ and knows the company inside out. If he’s not on holiday or in his chair, he’s probably engrossed in watching or playing sport. Steve once cleaned the whole house with ant killer, thinking it was polish, and tried to get a local dry cleaner arrested for 'stealing' his jeans; he found them in the garage six months later. He's also known to get excited when a strongly worded email is needed.

Steve says he likes loads of stuff, but narrowed his list to sarcasm, stag do's, Bundaberg Ginger Beer (it’s Australian), salt n vinegar crisps (preferably ridged) and his office chair. Steve also says he dislikes lots of stuff too. Making the shortlist is the A12 Road, anything fiddley, housework and BT.

Louise Smith

Bookings & Accounts Manager

Louise LOVES her job so much that she refuses to take holiday. She's got so much entitlement, she could go on a trip to the moon. If Louise isn't at work, she'll be at home with her kids, usually busying herself until midnight every night and then wonders why she's tired. Louise appreciates silence, so much so that she calls it a "beautiful sound" - maybe because she doesn’t get any! (silence, she doesn't get any silence!)

Louise is an animal lover and likes zombie flicks (random combination). Her dislikes are negative people and basic grammar mistakes. Louise believes a zombie apocalypse will cause the end of the world but her film based knowledge will save her from a brain-sucking end!

Bobby Mitchell

On Set Shoot Manager

Bobby, aged 31 and cranky in his old age. Bobby is our man on the ground who you’ll probably see on set. Don’t be late or he’ll soon be on the phone chasing you! People with bad time-keeping is one of Bobby’s pet hates – he says his time is too important for people to mess with! When he’s not on set, he’s at TT HQ investigating who ate the food that he bought and didn’t eat. Who ate Bobby's Rolo Yogurts or Space Raiders?

Outside of work Bobby is pretty active and busy, he’s always doing something, but we don’t really know what. He says he has a lot of likes, but we don’t know them. He dislikes Social Media (doesn’t understand it) and as we know, people who are late!

Mary Hilina

Social Media and Casting Assistant

Talent Talks latest recruit is our Social Media Guru Mary. If you want to get social on our social you need to get in Mary's ear. You might need to shout loudly as she's impartial to a bit of Magic FM and you might have to compete with the likes of Erasure or Wilson Phillips (Google it, you'll know it) to get her attention.

If you have any great pictures from Talent Talks shoots, send them to Mary on and perhaps she'll get them out on our various Social Media outlets.

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Jamie Harris

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Jamie is the newest member of the Talent Talks team. Confident and strong minded (know it all), he is a quick witted verbal sharpshooter pushing for a TT global takeover, Pinky and The Brain style. 

Jamie loves a suit, with a particular fondness for waistcoats. Thinks he should be on the books landing lead male roles for various female artists' music videos! Bit of a sporty geek; into comic books and movies big time and when young would only respond to the surname 'Turtle' in homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! “Good at everything” yet failed to make pro in both football and basketball, but insists he’s in his prime.

Jamie's impressive likes include steak, gym, steak - in that order, tattoos and writing poems (this guy is smooth). Dislikes: fish, bad grammar and frisbees (can’t throw them properly).

Gabby Santa Cruz

On Set Assistant

Gabby is the baby of the TT family and is frequently seen chasing cast for their release forms. She loves to take on very important tasks..... such as doing the Tesco run to buy weird and wonderful ingredients for the office smoothies. Gabby one day wishes to hold the world record for the largest supply of diet coke, as well as winning an Oscar.

You could probably guess that Gabby's loves include Diet Coke, but she also loves Galaxy chocolate and potatoes - she eats cold ones all the time. Gabby's too sweet and innocent to have dislikes but when pressed she came up with biscuits (??), wearing shoes (??) and any type of hot drink - flaming sambucca and a Hob Nob Gabby?

Adam Dyson

On Set Assistant

Adam is one of our energetic field team. You will see him floating about on set looking after our lovely members. When he's not talking or playing with his hair (which he does a lot) he'll be assisting the directors, ensuring our shoots are running smoothly. He also shares the quality of incorrect spelling with Gemma.

Adam likes: suede shoes and tattoos; random adventures and surprises (feel free to jump out of a cupboard / behind a wall and surprise him!) His dislikes include seafood (it genuinely scares him), oranges and tracksuits, his theory is blazers and smart shoes never fail. 

Rob Norris


Rob is our tech wizzard (otherwise known as the Talent Talks nerd) but is the man that makes things work so that we can work. Rob talks in a foreign language that no one else really understands, full of techy email and computers based jargon that might as well be Chinese when speaking to the rest of us. Outside of making our computers work, Rob is a staunch follower of Arsenal, so when he's not got his head stuck in a server somewhere, he's usually crying in to his beer somewhere.

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