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New Profile Feature - Dietary Requirements and Allergies

22nd February 2023

We have added a space on your profile for you to enter your dietary requirements and food allergies. This is for the benefit of catering when you are on set, so please complete this section even if you have no requirements or allergies. Examples of these are: Vegan; Vegatarian; Dairy Intolerant; Nut Allergy or Gluten Free. Please do not treat it as a menu and write what you prefer, this isn't what it is for.

If you have no dietary requirements or food allergies, please write 'none'.

This information is not visible to anyone who looks on your profile, it's just available to us at Talent Talks to share with production as and when you are on set. Rather then us contact you each time, we can simply take the information from your profile and pass to production.

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"I joined Talent Talks about three years ago after following their page on Social Media. During my time as a member I have successfully been selected to be part of many projects which have been truly enjoyable and meeting so many of the same faces over time. I would like to take the time to thank Talent Talks Team for running a very important and successful agency which has helped my growth as an artiste."

Kishore Bhatt

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