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11th August 2023

Introducing the latest Talent Talks Show Reel, now available for your viewing pleasure! This particular reel is packed with captivating Music Videos, showcasing the presence of our wonderful TT Family members.

Have you explored our dedicated Show Reel page nestled within our website? If you are new to TT, this will showcase the type of shoots we do, or if you are a seasoned family member, you're sure to recognise an array of familiar faces gracing the screen.

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we diligently curate clips and videos from various shoots, to include on upcoming reels. Here's your chance to shine! If you spot yourself in any of these shoots, don't hesitate to share them with us. Your moment in the spotlight could earn you a coveted spot in our next sensational reel!

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"In my early days TT helped me familiarise myself with the roles of SA’s for TV and film. The wide range of work they can offer has given me experience including music videos, commercial ads, corporate, training films and TV series. TT provide a friendly interface who know everyone by name and go to great lengths to keep their artists updated at all times."

John McHale

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