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Work Credits

  1. July 2018
    • Clearscore: 'Claw'; Production Company: Moxie Pictures; Producer: Sue Caldwell; Director: Ben Wheatley
    • Cacharel: 'Yes I Am'; Production Company: U Turn/Premiere Heure; Producer: Hubert Brault; Director: Charlotte Wales
    • Jaguar: 'The Pace Teaser'; Production Company: Papaya Films; Producer: Rupert Greaves; Director: Vincent Lammers
    • 'Unconscious Bias' - Drama Recon; Production Company: TouchCast; Producer: Georgia Wall; Director: Anke Lueddecke
    • Sixt: 'Older Actress'; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Ben Sullivan; Director: Jim Archer
    • Collusion: Portraits and Teaser Film; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Francois Larpin; Director: Dan Emmerson
    • Alexis Ffrench: 'At Last' Promo; Production Company: Sony Music; Producer: Emma Thompson; Director: Neron Turner-Power
    • Ubisoft: 'Just Dance'; Production Company: Independent Films; Producer: Eric Lipchitz; Director: Gary Freedman
    • Vodafone Business: 'Seamless'; Production Company: Tantrum TV; Producer: Will Waters; Director: Jake Mavity
  2. June 2018
    • Lays Crisps: 'Summer'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Rebecca Little; Director: Bed Reed 
    • International Bar Association; Production Company: PI Film Network; Producer: Kate Arton/Laura Ruddock; Director: Tim Mogridge
    • Rita Mahrez: 'Let Me In'; Production Company: DMND CLR; Producer: Elizabeth Rufai; Director: Dijian Eccles
    • Ray: 'Friends'; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Tom Gardner; Director: Max Weiland
    • Sports Project; Production Company: Craft; Producer: Phil Myers; Director: Robin Mason
    • Duotone Oy: 'Easyhaler'; Production Company: AB Films; Producer: Alexandra Bentley
    • Carabao: 'Talking Carabao'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Emma Bewley; Director: Zac Ella
    • Mullally: 'Vows'; Production Company: Yellowfish; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Luke Biggins/Rebekah Bird
    • Rak-Su: 'Pyro Ting’; Production Company: Sony Music Ent.; Producer: Ben Pengilly; Director: Jay Mornix
    • Sun Bingo: Jeremy Kyle Sponsorship Idents; Production Company: Alumina Studios; Producer: Miles Wilkes; Director: Nick Jones 
    • Philips: 'Can I Shave You'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Boorman; Director: Liam Bagnall
    • Kellogg's-Crunchy Nut: 'Remind You of Any One?'; Production Company: Hunkydory; Producer: Dale Healy; Director: Ben Fogg
    • Budweiser: 'Don't Light It Up'; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Jonny Kight; Director: Chris Faith 
    • Dan Caplen: 'Trouble'; Production Company: Yellowfish; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Luke Biggins/Rebekah Bird
    • RNIB: 'See The Person, Not The Sightloss'; Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks; Producer: Emma Butterworth; Directors: Big Red Button
    • Maximus: 'Max 3'; Production Company: Brickwall; Producer: Lauren McDonald/Leanne Henry; Director: Alex Walker
    • Lily Moore: 'I Will Never Be'; Production Company: Noir Productions; Producer: Pamela Pifferi; Director: Michael Holyk
    • Nike Tech Pack; Production Company: Picture Farm Pro; Producer: Dave Birchall; Director: Jonathan Sidwell
    • NHS: 'We Are The NHS'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Ben Porter; Director: Toby Dye
  3. May 2018
    • McDonalds: 'Affinity'; Production Company: Leo Burnett; Producer: Alex Bentley; Director: Phil Horton
    • Rudimental: ‘A Toast To Our Differences’; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: India Bradshaw; Director: Cousin
    • Hisense: 'U9 & L5-World Cup'; Production Company: Merman; Producer: Jonny Kight; Director: Paul McGuigan
    • Anais: 'Lost My Faith'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Martha McGuirk; Director: Gillian Horvat
    • Dominos: 'Football Finals'; Production Company: VCCP; Producer: Greta Wynn Davies; Director: Max Sobol
    • Adidas: 'Membership'; Production Company: Stink Studios; Producer: Mickey Voak; Director: Giorgio Bruni
    • New Amsterdam Vodka: 'BBQ'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Gio Forino; Director: Sagar Kumar
    • Sky Sports: 'Take Your Seat'; Production Company: Rogue Films; Producer: Nell Jordan; Director: Sam Brown
    • British Buyers Club; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Ceri Aston-Holmes; Director: Mark Henderson
    • Chelcee Grimes: Live Session; Production Company: Producer: Emma Thompson; Director: Sammy Nutt
    • Bacardi: ’Do What Moves You’ Content; Production Company: AMV BBDO; Producer: Alex Olivares; Director; Joe Alexander
    • Nike: 'Phantom'; Production Company: Black Label Productions; Producer: Tim Wild; Director: Nick Love
    • Pizza Hut: 'Fanatics'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Matt Klemera; Director: Tom King
    • Adidas: 'Glitch'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Lucy Bradley; Director: Zac Ella
    • Slaves: 'Cut & Run'; Production Company: Universal Music; Producer: Emilia Reid; Director: Phil Poole
    • Paddy Power; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Producer: Stuart Bentham; Director: Andy McLeod
    • Mellah: 'Cigarette Lighter'; Production Company: Prettybird; Producer: Molly McGregor; Director: Stroma Cairns
    • Deloitte/Apple: ‘Work The Way We Live’; Production Company: Guts & Glory Films; Producer: Daniella Keeble; Director: Dan Storey
  4. April 2018
    • The House of Peroni; Production Company: Droga5; Producer: Goldie Robbens & Josh Sanders; Director: Steve Howell
    • HP: 'Leia Chewbacca'; Production Company: Flare Productions; Producer: Rich Grisman; Director: Libby Burke Wilde
    • De Likt ‘Zelf Doen’; Production Company: Riff Raff; Producer: India Bradshaw; Director: Max Siedentopf
    • Nike: 'Vaporfly 4'; Production Company: Friend Production; Producer: Rob Leonard; Director: Ian Pons Jewell
    • TFL: 'The Air that I Breathe'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Chris & Luke
    • Uber: 'Inform - Grocer'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Anne-Marie: '2002'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Amber Millington; Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    • United Airlines: 'Lilysilk'; Production Company: Ink Film; Producer: Micky Voak; Director: Jonny Dixon
    • Nestle: 'Nescafe Original'; Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks; Producer: Adam Saward; Director: Big Red Button
    • Bayer: 'Never Stop Growing'; Production Company: Bold London; Producer: Dave Knox; Director: Mishka Kornai
    • U=U=: 'Life If The Days Of...'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Wills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Art School Girlfriend: 'Moon'; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Molly McGregor; Director: Luke Tierney
    • Bacardi: ’Do What Moves You’; Production Company: AMV BBDO; Producer: Ben Davidson; Director: Courtney Phillips
  5. March 2018
    • Three Mobile: 'TLDW'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Camille Hanish-Oakes; Director: Peggy Nutta
    • Young Fathers: 'Toy'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Sorcha Bacon; Director: Salomon Ligthelm
    • Bury Tomorrow: 'Black Flame'; Production Company: Sony Music Ent.; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Laurence Warder 
    • Paddy Power: Various; Production Company: Merman; Producer: Clara Bennett; Director: Laurie Smith
    • Bose: C4 F1 Idents; Production Company: Whisper Films; Producer: Sam Lockett; Director: Will Billany & Steve Middleditch
    • Gilligan Moss: 'I Want You So Bad'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Emma Wellbelove; Director: Rianne White
    • DfT / THINK!: 'Designated Drinkers'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Toby Stubbs
    • Uber: 'Inform - Diner'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Jayddyn Ft Pearl: 'Save Tonight'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Chance Wilson; Director: Meji
    • Carphone Warehouse: 'Dank Meme'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Boorman; Director: Sagar Kumar
    • Lotto: 'Who Wins if You Win'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Neil Andrews; Director: John Dower
    • Kellogg's: 'Force of Nature'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: George Saunders; Director: Nicolas Jack Davies
    • Hot Tug; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Gio Forino; Director: Ricky Williams
    • Maltesers: 'Look on The Light Side'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Cabell Hopkins; Director: Jim Owen
    • Undetectable=Untransmittable: 'Life in the Days of..'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Mills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Playstation: 'God of War'; Production Company: Roughcut TV; Producer: Bertie Peek; Director: Christopher Poole
    • Snickers: 'Rap Battle'; Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks; Producer: Kwok Yau; Director: Andreas Nilsson
    • Uber: 'Inform - Grocer'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Patoranking: 'Whine So Different'; Production Company: Yellow Fish; Producer: Melissa Massey; Director: Luke & Gabriella
  6. February 2018
    • Da Beat Freakz: 'Take Over'; Production Company: JM-Films; Producer: Tony Long; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Adidas Glitch: 'Unexpect Me'; Producton Company: Agile Films; Producer: Emma Bewley; Director: Zac Ella
    • Huawei: ‘Cameron’ & ‘Schubert’; Production Company: Production Services London; Producer: Harvey Ascott; Director: Kevin Castanheira
    • Mentos: 'Say Hello'; Production Company: Independent; Producer: Chris McBride; Director: Matt Pollock
    • TAG Heuer: 'Womans Carrera'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Javier Alejandro; Director: Luke Davies
    • Think: 'Always on Campaign'; Production Company: LadBible; Producer: Harriet Webb; Director: Colin O'Toole
    • Matt Maltese: 'Greatest Comedian'; Production Company: Atlantic Records; Producer: India Lee; Director: Jak Payne
    • Home Office: 'Knife Free'; Production Company: Archer's Mark; Producer: Kirsty Lane; Director: James Burns 
    • TAG Heuer: 'Female Modular & Male Modular'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Javier Alejandro; Director: Luke Davies
    • Big Narstie: 'Night Crawlers'; Production Company: Sony Music Ent.; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Neron Turner-Power
    • GAiR2 - London; Production Company: Even/Odd; Producer: Taylor Feltner; Director: Ashley Rodholm
    • Vodafone: 'Raising Voices'; Production Company: Believe Media; Producer: Barty Dearden; Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich
    • Petroliam Nasional Berhad: 'Petronas 2018'; Production Company: Seven Five Productions Ltd; Producer: Jesse Stagg; Director: Rajay Singh
    • Femfresh: ‘She Talks’; Production Company: Therapy Agency; Producer: Fred Bonham Carter; Director: Carly Cussen
    • Labrokes: 'Boost Your Knowledge'; Production Company: Sportsbeat: Producer: James Parsons; Director: Dave Ward
    • Paddy Power: Sh*t Celeb & Crap Casino'; Production Company: Merman; Producer: Clara Bennett; Director: Laurie Smith
    • Ebay; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Jon Mealing; Director: Leonardo Cosme
    • Kettlefoods: 'Kettlechips'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Vince Squibb
  7. January 2018
    • Mr Probz: 'Space For Two'; Production Company: JM-Films; Producer: Tony Long; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Aviva Home Insurance; ‘Interrogation’ Films; Production Company: Stink Films; Producer: Peter Knowles; Director: Keith McCarthy
    • Robert Gordon & Aberdeen University: 'Mexican Hero'; Production Company: Filming Scotland; Producer: David Neilson; Director: Andrew Muenchow
    • Kiko Bun: ‘Stay Bless’; Production Company: Knucklehead; Producer: James Cross; Director: Luke Carlisle
    • Matt Terry: ‘Try’; Production Company: Once Upon a Film; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Carly Cussen
    • George Ezra: Music Video; Production Company: Sony Music; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Neron Turner-Power
    • Cadburys Cream Egg Showcase; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Ryan Warner; Director: Sagar Kumar
    • McDonalds Signature Range: ‘Touch of Class’; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Juliette Harris; Director: Peter Cattaneo
    • Sainsbury’s Valentines & Everyday Recipes: ‘Nino’; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: James Pinnington; Director: Helena Hamilton
    • Doritos Vs Dew: ‘Tongue Twister & Face Off’; Production Company: Independent Films; Producer: Jessica Lee; Director: Nabil
    • British Heart Foundation: ‘Thank Yous’; Production Company: HLA; Producer: Richard Skepper; Director: Mark Elwood
    • Barclays: ‘Life Skills’; Production Company: Stink Productions; Producer: Debbie Ninnis; Director: Tom Green
    • Pearson: ‘Patient Series- Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure & Diabetic’; Production Company: Dimension Studio; Producer: Laura Duffy
    • Virgin Games: ‘High Lo Turkey’; Production Company: Groovy Gecko; Producer: Maxine Denton; Director: Emma Pounds
    • Three Studio Launch Party; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Camille Hanish-Oakes; Director: Tom Clarkson
    • Tom Zanetti: ‘Don’t Change’; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Konstantin
    • HP Privacy Camera; Production Company: Flare AMVBBDO; Producer: Ben Davidson; Director: Jo Tanner
    • Mercedes-Benz Approved Used: ‘Love Match’; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Ben Sullivan; Director: Ben Taylor
    • Kojo Funds Ft Raye: ‘Check’; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Rude Boy; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: John Bannister; Director: Nick Davies

"Talent Talks is one of the first agencies I joined up with when getting into S.A. work, and they've remained one of the best in the years that have followed. The staff are really personable and It's easy to get in touch with them when needed. The process for applying for roles and getting booked is straight-forward, and the agency as a whole is very professional and friendly."

Scott James

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