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Work Credits

  1. April 2018
    • The House of Peroni; Production Company: Droga5; Producer: Goldie Robbens & Josh Sanders; Director: Steve Howell
    • HP: 'Leia Chewbacca'; Production Company: Flare Productions; Producer: Rich Grisman; Director: Libby Burke Wilde
    • De Likt ‘Zelf Doen’; Production Company: Riff Raff; Producer: India Bradshaw; Director: Max Siedentopf
    • Nike: 'Vaporfly 4'; Production Company: Friend Production; Producer: Rob Leonard; Director: Ian Pons Jewell
    • TFL: 'The Air that I Breathe'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Chris & Luke
    • Uber: 'Inform - Grocer'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Anne-Marie: '2002'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Amber Millington; Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    • United Airlines: 'Lilysilk'; Production Company: Ink Film; Producer: Micky Voak; Director: Jonny Dixon
    • Nestle: 'Nescafe Original'; Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks; Producer: Adam Saward; Director: Big Red Button
    • Bayer: 'Never Stop Growing'; Production Company: Bold London; Producer: Dave Knox; Director: Mishka Kornai
    • U=U=: 'Life If The Days Of...'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Wills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Art School Girlfriend: 'Moon'; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Molly McGregor; Director: Luke Tierney
  2. March 2018
    • Three Mobile: 'TLDW'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Camille Hanish-Oakes; Director: Peggy Nutta
    • Young Fathers: 'Toy'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Sorcha Bacon; Director: Salomon Ligthelm
    • Bury Tomorrow: 'Black Flame'; Production Company: Sony Music Ent.; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Laurence Warder 
    • Paddy Power: Various; Production Company: Merman; Producer: Clara Bennett; Director: Laurie Smith
    • Bose: C4 F1 Idents; Production Company: Whisper Films; Producer: Sam Lockett; Director: Will Billany & Steve Middleditch
    • Gilligan Moss: 'I Want You So Bad'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Emma Wellbelove; Director: Rianne White
    • DfT / THINK!: 'Designated Drinkers'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Toby Stubbs
    • Uber: 'Inform - Diner'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Jayddyn Ft Pearl: 'Save Tonight'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Chance Wilson; Director: Meji
    • Carphone Warehouse: 'Dank Meme'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Boorman; Director: Sagar Kumar
    • Lotto: 'Who Wins if You Win'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Neil Andrews; Director: John Dower
    • Kellogg's: 'Force of Nature'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: George Saunders; Director: Nicolas Jack Davies
    • Hot Tug; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Gio Forino; Director: Ricky Williams
    • Maltesers: 'Look on The Light Side'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Cabell Hopkins; Director: Jim Owen
    • Undetectable=Untransmittable: 'Life in the Days of..'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Mills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Playstation: 'God of War'; Production Company: Roughcut TV; Producer: Bertie Peek; Director: Christopher Poole
    • Snickers: 'Rap Battle'; Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks; Producer: Kwok Yau; Director: Andreas Nilsson
    • Uber: 'Inform - Grocer'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Angelica Polonczyk; Director: Liam & Grant
    • Patoranking: 'Whine So Different'; Production Company: Yellow Fish; Producer: Melissa Massey; Director: Luke & Gabriella
  3. February 2018
    • Da Beat Freakz: 'Take Over'; Production Company: JM-Films; Producer: Tony Long; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Adidas Glitch: 'Unexpect Me'; Producton Company: Agile Films; Producer: Emma Bewley; Director: Zac Ella
    • Huawei: ‘Cameron’ & ‘Schubert’; Production Company: Production Services London; Producer: Harvey Ascott; Director: Kevin Castanheira
    • Mentos: 'Say Hello'; Production Company: Independent; Producer: Chris McBride; Director: Matt Pollock
    • TAG Heuer: 'Womans Carrera'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Javier Alejandro; Director: Luke Davies
    • Think: 'Always on Campaign'; Production Company: LadBible; Producer: Harriet Webb; Director: Colin O'Toole
    • Matt Maltese: 'Greatest Comedian'; Production Company: Atlantic Records; Producer: India Lee; Director: Jak Payne
    • Home Office: 'Knife Free'; Production Company: Archer's Mark; Producer: Kirsty Lane; Director: James Burns 
    • TAG Heuer: 'Female Modular & Male Modular'; Production Company: Fat Lemon; Producer: Javier Alejandro; Director: Luke Davies
    • Big Narstie: 'Night Crawlers'; Production Company: Sony Music Ent.; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Neron Turner-Power
    • GAiR2 - London; Production Company: Even/Odd; Producer: Taylor Feltner; Director: Ashley Rodholm
    • Vodafone: 'Raising Voices'; Production Company: Believe Media; Producer: Barty Dearden; Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich
    • Petroliam Nasional Berhad: 'Petronas 2018'; Production Company: Seven Five Productions Ltd; Producer: Jesse Stagg; Director: Rajay Singh
    • Femfresh: ‘She Talks’; Production Company: Therapy Agency; Producer: Fred Bonham Carter; Director: Carly Cussen
    • Labrokes: 'Boost Your Knowledge'; Production Company: Sportsbeat: Producer: James Parsons; Director: Dave Ward
    • Paddy Power: Sh*t Celeb & Crap Casino'; Production Company: Merman; Producer: Clara Bennett; Director: Laurie Smith
    • Ebay; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Jon Mealing; Director: Leonardo Cosme
    • Kettlefoods: 'Kettlechips'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Vince Squibb
  4. January 2018
    • Mr Probz: 'Space For Two'; Production Company: JM-Films; Producer: Tony Long; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Aviva Home Insurance; ‘Interrogation’ Films; Production Company: Stink Films; Producer: Peter Knowles; Director: Keith McCarthy
    • Robert Gordon & Aberdeen University: 'Mexican Hero'; Production Company: Filming Scotland; Producer: David Neilson; Director: Andrew Muenchow
    • Kiko Bun: ‘Stay Bless’; Production Company: Knucklehead; Producer: James Cross; Director: Luke Carlisle
    • Matt Terry: ‘Try’; Production Company: Once Upon a Film; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Carly Cussen
    • George Ezra: Music Video; Production Company: Sony Music; Producer: Mike Marchlewski; Director: Neron Turner-Power
    • Cadburys Cream Egg Showcase; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Ryan Warner; Director: Sagar Kumar
    • McDonalds Signature Range: ‘Touch of Class’; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Juliette Harris; Director: Peter Cattaneo
    • Sainsbury’s Valentines & Everyday Recipes: ‘Nino’; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: James Pinnington; Director: Helena Hamilton
    • Doritos Vs Dew: ‘Tongue Twister & Face Off’; Production Company: Independent Films; Producer: Jessica Lee; Director: Nabil
    • British Heart Foundation: ‘Thank Yous’; Production Company: HLA; Producer: Richard Skepper; Director: Mark Elwood
    • Barclays: ‘Life Skills’; Production Company: Stink Productions; Producer: Debbie Ninnis; Director: Tom Green
    • Pearson: ‘Patient Series- Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure & Diabetic’; Production Company: Dimension Studio; Producer: Laura Duffy
    • Virgin Games: ‘High Lo Turkey’; Production Company: Groovy Gecko; Producer: Maxine Denton; Director: Emma Pounds
    • Three Studio Launch Party; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Camille Hanish-Oakes; Director: Tom Clarkson
    • Tom Zanetti: ‘Don’t Change’; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Konstantin
    • HP Privacy Camera; Production Company: Flare AMVBBDO; Producer: Ben Davidson; Director: Jo Tanner
    • Mercedes-Benz Approved Used: ‘Love Match’; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Ben Sullivan; Director: Ben Taylor
    • Kojo Funds Ft Raye: ‘Check’; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Meji Alabi
    • Rude Boy; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: John Bannister; Director: Nick Davies

"I love working with Talent Talks as it's like working with a huge family! "

Hilary Agostini

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