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Work Credits

  1. December 2017
    • Harvester: 'Social'; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Ayo Davis; Director: Alex Nicholson
    • AMD Radeon; Interview Films; Production Company: Brand & Deliver; Director: Kevin Lee Brown
    • Anne-Marie: 'Trigger'; Production Company: Atlantic Records UK; Producer: Shabana Mansuri; Director: Nicola Sheppard
    • Aldi: 'Everyday Amazing'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Paul McPadden; Director: Chris Balmond
    • Kat and The Band: Short Film; Production Company: Boudica Indigo Films; Producer: Rebecca Long; Director: E. E Hegarty
    • Roy Rogers: 'Do It Right The First Time'; Production Company: Rankin Photography Ltd; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Rankin
    • Doritos Vs Dew: 'Tongue Twister' & 'Face Off; Production Company: Independent London: Producer: Jessica Lee; Director: Nabil
    • British Heart Foundation: 'Thank Yous'; Production Company: HLA; Producer: Richard Skepper; 
    • Barclays Life Skills: 'Heli' & 'Wind Farm'; Production Company: Producer: Debbie Ninnis; Director: Tom Green
    • Patient Series: 'Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure & Diabetic'; Production Company: Dimension Studio; Producer: Laura Duffy; 
    • Virgin Games: 'Hi-Lo Turkey'; Production Company: Groovy Gecko; Producer: Maxine Denton
    • Dune Shoes: 'Spring/Summer 2018'; Production Company: 76 Ltd Producer: Phil Barnes; Director: Mouldy 
    • Epsom: 'Extreme Reps' With Lewis Hamilton; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Zac Ella; Director: Emma Bewley
    • Revlon: 'Live Boldly'; Production Company: Lucky Strike Productions; Producer: Alex Yiaxis
  2. November 2017
    • Smirnoff: 'UK Purpose'; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Lee Groombridge; Director: Max Weiland
    • CST: 'Create Against Hate'; Production Company: The Kitchen; Producer: George Arton; Director: Oliver & Oliver 
    • Sainsburys: 'Scarlett'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Kate Pirouet; Director: Luke Robson
    • Mentholatum: 'Spice Up your exercise'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Ricky Williams
    • Uncle Bens: 'The Melting Pot'; Production Company: Bold; Producer: Dave Knox; Director: Greg Davenport 
    • Stand Up: 'Education Against Discrimination'; Production Company: The Kitchen: Producer: George Arton; Director: Oliver & Oliver 
    • Bvlgari: 'Save The Children'; Production Company: Stable London; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Tom Chaplin: 'Midnight Mass'; Production Company: Greatcoat Video; Producer: Simon Oxley; Director: Johny Mourgue
    • Pringles Original: ‘Equity’  & ‘Football’; Production Company: Believe Media; Producer: Jack Beardsley; Director: Sammy Rawal
    • Craig David Ft. Bastille: 'I Know You'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Jess Bell; Director: Alex Southam
    • Jamie Lawson: 'Footsteps'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Kaz Ove
    • Amazon Launch Pad: ‘Clumsy’ Minimercial; Production Company: Way To Blue
    • Tesco: 'An Improvised Christmas'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Gustav Geldenhuys; Director: Guy Shelmerdine
  3. October 2017
    • ADP ft Jeremih: 'No Good For Me'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Linah Bensadok; Director: Ray  Fiasco
    • Smart Energy: 'The Power of 10p'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Daniel Wheldon; Director: Peter King
    • EE / Apple: 'Only On EE' & 'Go All Out'; Production Company: Hungry Man; Producer: Ben Roberts; Director: Hank Perlman
    • UBS Bank; Production Company: Proud Robinson & Partners; Producer: Dobrina Manolova; Director: Jack Chute
    • Boots: 'How Did You Know'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Chris Harrison; Director: Benito Montorio
    • Sun Bingo Cinema Promotion; Production Company: News UK; Producer: Ed Smith; Director: Mark Hudson
    • Instagram: 'Stories are Everywhere'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Patrick Craig; Director: Dent De Cuir
    • Call Of Duty: 'Expeditionary'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Gio Forino; Director: Chris Goodson
    • Strangers 2: 'Prey at Night'; Production Company: White Comet; Producer: Mark Lane; Director: Johannes Roberts
    • Marshmello Ft. Khalid Promo: 'Silence'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Mark Gibbons; Director: Courtney Philips
    • Fickle Friends: 'Hard To Love Myself'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Imogen Harrison;  Director: Daniel Harris
  4. September 2017
    • 'Drum': Short Film; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Tom Gardner; Director: Hayley Williams
    • Toby Carvery; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Ayo Davis; Director: Alex Nicholson
    • Chelcee Grimes: 'Girls'; Production Company: RCA; Producer: Paul Romero Mendez; Director: Laurence Warder
    • Barclays; Production Company: StrangeLove Productions; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Greg Hackett
    • The Laughing Cow: 'Snaccident'; Production Company: Kream; Producer: Lauren Tyson; Director: Robert Sanderson
    • Lidl: 'Christmas'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Tex Travi; Director: Jim Gilchrist
    • T.K.Maxx: ‘White Christmas’; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Richard Fenton; Director: Ian Pons Jewell
    • Steel Banglez Ft. Yungen Mo Stack Mr Eazi & Not3S: 'Bad'; Production Company: Sugarcane Media; Producer: Indiana Mookram & Lavinia Noel; Director: Kaz Ove
    • Dan Owen: 'Hideaway'; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Jen Gelin; Director: Nick Bartleet
    • Alex Adair: 'Casual'; Production Company: Rogue Films; Producer: Alice Hopgood; Director: Josh Thornton-Allan
    • Bet Bull: 'Jacuzzi' & 'Feast'; Production Company: The Wagon; Producer: Selena Cunningham; Director: Freddie Waters
    • Completely Group / Lendlease: 'Elephant Park'; Production Company: Short Form Film; Producer: Ania Polewiak; Director: Johny Mourgue
    • JD Williams: 'Christmas Lifestore'; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Rachel Rumbold; Director: Sarah Chatfield
    • Chris & Kem: 'Little Bit Leave It'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Linah Bensadok; Director: Meji Alabi
  5. August 2017
    • Niall Horan: 'Too Much Too Ask'; Production Company: Strange Love Productions; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Malia James
    • Experian: 'How Lending Works'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Bianca Di Marco
    • Guide Dogs: ‘Dates’; Production Company: Bullions Productions; Producer: Jon Mealing; Director: Jack Newman
    •; Production Company: Laura Holmes Production; Producer: Ros Jenkins; Director: Lacey
    • Mercedes-Benz Idents: 'Airport'; Production Company: Hoi Polloi; Producer: Sookie Foster; Director: Dan Castella
    • Department for Work & Pensions: 'Chef'; Production Company: Hunky Dory; Producer: Nick Papworth; Director: Christian Bevilacqua
    • Sarmad: 'Horn'; Production Company: Sugarcane Media; Producer: Lavinia Noel & Indiana Mookram; Director: Ben Peters
    • 02: 'OOPS'; Production Company: Merman Films; Producer: Georgina Fillmore; Director: Dave Ma
    • Shell: 'B2b Lubes Phase 2'; Production Company: Iris Worldwide; Producer: Jody Brown
    • Audi Sport: 'Statement'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Emma Cairns; Director: Jordan Scott
    • Off Bloom: 'Shut up & Let Me Walk'; Production Company: MyAccomplice; Producer: Imogen Harrison; Director: Daniel Harris
    • Sam Smith: 'Too Good at Goodbyes'; Production Company: Riff Raff; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Luke Monaghan
  6. July 2017
    • Nike: 'Smile'; Production Company: Rogue Films; Producer: Sophie Weldon; Director: Mark Zibert
    • Shrey Singhal: 'KSJ'; Production Company: Double A; Producer: Rohan Scully; Director: Ben Peters
    • Chip X Ella Mai: “Hit Me Up”; Production Company: Once Upon a Film; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot
    • Three Mobile: 'Binge Box'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Ebele Tate
    • Sony; Production Company: HMX Media; Producer: David Wieder; Director: Simon Gut
    • Summer Survivors; Production Company: Roughcut TV; Producer: Bertie Peek; Director: Christopher Poole
    • Skepta: ‘Hypocrisy’; Production Company: Mastermind Media Ltd; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Matthew Walker
    • Park dads; Production Company: Beano Studios; Producer: Ed Moline; Director: Ed Moline
    • Organ Donation: 'Speed Donate'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Wills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Stryktipset; Production Company: Giants & Toys; Producer: Harvey Ascott; Director: Måns Månsson
    • EA Sports: 'Fifa 18'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Emma Butterworth; Director: Adam Berg
    • Wretch 32: 'Whistle On ‘Em'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: James Cross; Director: Joao Retorta
    • Jaguar X540: 'Start Something'; Production Company: MJZ; Producer: Amy Appleton; Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
    • The Wandering Heights: 'Devil'; Production Company: Mealing Media Ltd; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Mike Baldwin
    • Virgin Media: '30 Day Contract'; Production Company: HunkyDory; Producer: Lucy Hayes; Director: Dean Blumberg
    • Barclays: 'Catch A Thief'; Production Company: Vice; Producer: Francesca Boyce; Director: Rollo Hollins
  7. June 2017
    • Sony PlayStation: 'PlayLink'; Production Company: Reel Nice; Producer: Laura Shacham; Director: Mark Pizzey
    • Heavenly: Aurien’s Brand Film; Production Company: Knock Knock; Producer: Dai Davison; Director: Joe Morgan
    • Duke Dumont X Gorgon City Ft. Naations: 'Real Life'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Ross McDowell & Ben Murray
    • Virgin Trains: 'It’s Decision Time: “Enya v Speedcore”; Production Company: MJZ; Producer: Amy Appleton; Director: Tom Kuntz
    • Alt-J: 'Dead Crush'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Sonya Sier; Director: Young Replicant
    • Stella Artois: Stella Artois x Wimbledon; Production Company: Black Label; Producer: Shabana Mansuri; Director: Remi Weekes
    • Kojo Funds Ft. Kranium: 'All Day All Night'; Production Company: Warner Music Ltd; Producer: Eleri Evans
    • Lynx: 'Haters Gonna Hate'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Franklyn Banks
    • GHD: 'Infinate Styling'; Production Company: Rankin Film Productions; Producer: Nicola Kenney; Director: Rankin
    • GFinity: Viral Promo 1; Production Company: Noah Media Group; Producer: Pete Thomas; Director: Pete Latham
    • Ghostpoet: 'Freak Show'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Katie Lambert; Director: Zhang & Knight
    • Online Creative: 'Play Like Mum'; Production Company: Sassy Films; Producer: Jordan Young; Director: Floris Ramaekers
    • Gas Jeans; Production Company: Smiling Fox Productions; Producer: Melissa Massey
    • Subway: 'Blandwich'; Production Company: Blink Productions; Producer: Giles Skillicorn; Director; Max Sherman
    • Kronenbourg: Protector Of The Hops; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Jason Scanlon; Director: Neil Harris
    • MNEK: 'Paradise'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Vanessa McDonnell; Director: Ciaran Lyons
    • Felix Jaehn: 'Hot To Touch'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Tom Falck; Director: Carley Cussen
  8. May 2017
    • Purple Bricks: 'Barbeque', 'Birthday Cake', 'Clay Sculpture' & 'Office Milk'; Production Company: RadicalMedia; Producer: Connor Hollman; Director: Rosey
    • Sainsbury's: 'School Shop'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Matt Houghton
    • Yolanda Brown: 'Million Billion Love'; Production Company: PDesigns Media; Producer: Charlie Holing; Director: Paul Akinrinlola
    • Iyanya: 'Bow For You'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Ogodinife Okpue
    • Semaine & Chloe: 'London Calling'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Cindy Burnay; Director: Sophie Edelstein
    • Junior Empire: 'Decide'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Kat Cattaneo; Director: Eoin Glaister
    • Manomasa: 'Serve Spirit, Not Food', 'The Revolution will be Bite-Sized', 'Vive Libre, Gusto Mas'; Production Company: Lisbon; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Theo Nunn
    • Fosters: 'Seats In The Pub'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Mohamed A Mohamed; Director: Chris Goodson
    • Ride: 'All I Want'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Matt Frost; Director: Jade Mortimer
    • Sleek Make-up: 'My Face My Rules'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Sophie Hedberg; Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen
    • Deli Bricks ft. 67: 'Judgement Day'; Production Company: GRM Daily; Producer: Jack Hobbs; Director: Olly Jennings
    • Ray BLK: 'Westside'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Lil Internet
    • New York Bakery: 'The Woman Who Runs New York'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Shirley O’Connor; Director: ThirtyTwo

  9. April 2017
    • Orangina: 'Airport'; Production Company: Lucozade Ribena Suntory; Producer: Adam Merten; Director: Paul Casey
    • Zayne Malik Ft. PartyNextDoor: 'Still Got Time'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Calmatic
    • Compare The Market: 'Kids Car Tunes'; Production Company: HunkyDory; Producer: Dale Healy; Director: Mary-Sue Masson
    • Manchester International Festival: Cotton Panic; Production Company: Stable London; Producer: Kate Reynolds; Director: Wils Wilson
    • The Tide: 'Put The Cuffs On Me'; Production Company: Mealing Media Ltd; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Mike Baldwin
    • Toyota: 'SIB'; Production Company: ManaMedia UK; Producer: Minni Podewils; Director: Andy Redpath
    • Adidas: 'Earthday'; Production Company: We Are Social; Producer: Janna Bartlett;
    • Nytol: 'One A Night'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Medb Riordan;
    • Bought By Many Pet Insurance: 'Sweep'; Production Company: RSA Films Limited; Producer: Ben Porter; Director: Toby Dye
    • Lloyds Bank: 'Service'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Juliette Harris; Director: Brendan Canty
    • Cancer Research: 'Walk All Over Cancer'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Nez
    • New Hope Club: 'Fixed'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Bianca Di Marco; Director: Matt Frost
    • The AA: 'Holiday Breakdown' & 'Car Genie'; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Producer: Stuart
      Bentham; Director: Traktor
    • First Direct: 'Astronauts of the Everyday'; Production Company: Smuggler;  Producer: Emma Butterworth; Director: Guy Shelmerdine
    • Sub Focus: 'Dont You Feel It'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Mickey Voak; Director: Taichi Kimura
    • L'Oreal, House 99: 'Project 99'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Rodolphe Lanaro; Director: Nabil
    • Amy Macdonald: 'Down By The Water'; Production Company: Park Village; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Paypal: 'We Wipe The Slate Clean', 'Cab', 'Treat', 'Travel', 'Tickets'; Production Company: Radical Media; Producer: Paz Parasmand; Director: Josh & Xander
    • Betsy: 'Little White Lies'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Stephanie Paeplow; Director: Ben Charles Edwards
  10. March 2017
    • Kasabian: 'You’re in Love With a Psycho'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Cecily Barber; Director: Wiz
    • KFC: 'Height Limit' & 'Made For Eachother'; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Producer: Tess Mitchell; Director: Pete Riski
    • Zara Larsson: 'Don't Let Me Be Yours'; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Amber Millington; Director: Daniel Kaufman
    • The Department For Transport: 'The Longest Two Seconds'; Production Company: Iconoclast; Producer: Emily Rudge; Director: Wafla
    • Isaac Gracie: 'Reverie'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Matt Klemear; Director: Clara Aranovich
    • Moretti: 'Baffo In Feed'; Production Company: Vince Media Ltd; Producer: Chris Gane; Director: Phil Sansom
    • 'GSap': Short Film; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Tom Gardner; Director: Rollo Jackson
    • Sony: ‘XB40 Speakers’; Production Company: Stink Studios; Producer: Sara Nouman; Director: Giorgio Bruni
    • Disciples: 'On My Mind'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Hannah Gracie; Director: Joao Retorta
    • Axe: '#ISITOKAYFORGUYS'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Scott O’Donnell; Director: Tom Ralph
    • Tudor Watches: 'Born To Dare'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Debbie Garvey; Director: Antony Crook
    • Academy Sports: 'Make it Happen’, ‘Legs’, ‘Lures’, ‘We Got You’; Production Company: Knucklehead; Producer: Matthew Brown; Director: Siri Bunford
    • Jennifer Hudson: 'Remember Me'; Production Company: Ammolite Inc; Producer: Mikey Levelle
    • Sam Callahan: 'Burns Like Fire'; Production Company: Be Happy Media; Producer: Gina Burns; Director: Johnny Marchetta
    • Pitch At The Palace: 'Drenched'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Alex Shillingford; Director: Peggy Nuttall
    • Simple: 'Simple Sunrise'; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Ryan Patrick
  11. February 2017
    • Vodafone, Project Freedom: 'Brithday'; Production company: Knucklehead; Producer: Sara Cummins; Director: Tony Barry
    • James Blunt: 'Love Me Better'; Production Company: Moxie Pictures; Producer: Sue Caldwell; Director: Vaughan Arnell
    • London Pride: 'Business as Usual'; Production Company: The Corner; Producer: Katie Heaselgrave
    • Engineering Space; Production Company: Arrow Media; Producer: Ash Potterton; Director: Richard Turley
    • Time For Change: 'In Your Corner'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Nick Fewtrell; Director: Ben Whitehouse
    • High Contrast: 'Shotgun Mouthwash'; Production Company: Park Village; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Marika Hackman: 'Boyfriend'; Production Company: Lady James; Producer: Amy James; Director: Libby Burke-Wilde
    • Ogilvy Healthworld: 'Ogi-int'; Production Company: Lets Talk; Producer: Tom Ross; Director: George Milton
    • Will Joseph Cook: 'Beach'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer; Ria Hanish-Oakes; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Glass Animals: 'Pork Soda'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Kat Cattaneo; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Habitat; Production Company: Partizan; Producer: Ella Sanderson; Director: Thomas Hilland
    • Jam Baxter: 'Above Ground'; Production Company: High Focus Records; Producer: Ash Halliburton
    • Property Campaign Video; Production Company: Forty Four Films; Producer/Director: Yuefeng Cui
    • Deezer: 'Flow'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Paula Garr; Director: John Dower
    • Mr Green: 'Live Without a Dull Day'; Production Company: The Viral Factory; Producer: David Wieder; Director: Daniel Castella
    • Lin Manuel Miranda & Jordan Fisher: 'You're Welcome'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Sonya Sier; Director: Declan Whitebloom
    • Steel Banglez ft Mostack, Abracadabra, Mist & Haile: 'Money'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Kaylum Dennis
    • EE: 'We Go Further'; Production Company: Hungry Man; Producer: Josh Goldstein; Director: Hank Perlman
    • Lucozade: 'Move'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Adam Evans; Director: Chris Hewitt
    • Klyne: 'Still Not Over You'; Production Company: Prettybird; Producer: Tom Manaton; Director: Margot Bowman
    • Highways England: 'Smart Motorways Online'; Production Company: Shield Films Limited; Producer: Tony Powell 
    • BBC Academy; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Hannah Gracie; Director: Romano Pizzichini
  12. January 2017
    • Cancer Research UK: 'Coffee Mornings'; Production Company: Nonsense London; Producer: Chris Dent
    • Sampha: 'Process'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Rik Green & Onye Anyanwu; Director: Kahlil Joseph
    • TFL: 'Project Guardian; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: John Bannister; Director: Duane Hopkins
    • Refugee Action: 'Let Refugees Learn'; Production Company: Brickwall; Producer: Ben Pelhan; Director: Matt Hoad-Robson
    • Dreamies: 'Impenetrable Pack'; Production Company: Caviar Content; Producer: Scott O’Donnell; Director: Tom Willems
    • 'Poverty is Sexist'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Chiara Grabmayr
    • Olamide: 'Pepper Dem Gang'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Rhys Lewis: 'Living in the City'; Production Company: Tribe Films; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Rafe Jennings
    • Olamide: 'Letters To Milli'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Wickes: 'Home Sponsorships'; Production Company: The Storylab; Producer: Michelle Kriedemann; Director: Katie Bell
    • Stormzy: 'Big for your Boots'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Daps
    • Circa Waves: 'Fire That Burns'; Production Company: MyAccomplice; Producer: Joshua Carter; Director: James Slater 
    • Temples: 'Strange or be Forgotten'; Production Company: Colonel Blimp; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: James Beale
    • New Covent Garden Soup: 'Revive Your Lunch'; Production Company: Nonsense London: Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Will Savage

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