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Work Credits

  1. December 2017
    • Harvester: 'Social'; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Ayo Davis; Director: Alex Nicholson
    • AMD Radeon; Interview Films; Production Company: Brand & Deliver; Director: Kevin Lee Brown
    • Anne-Marie: 'Trigger'; Production Company: Atlantic Records UK; Producer: Shabana Mansuri; Director: Nicola Sheppard
    • Aldi: 'Everyday Amazing'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Paul McPadden; Director: Chris Balmond
    • Kat and The Band: Short Film; Production Company: Boudica Indigo Films; Producer: Rebecca Long; Director: E. E Hegarty
    • Roy Rogers: 'Do It Right The First Time'; Production Company: Rankin Photography Ltd; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Rankin
    • Doritos Vs Dew: 'Tongue Twister' & 'Face Off; Production Company: Independent London: Producer: Jessica Lee; Director: Nabil
    • British Heart Foundation: 'Thank Yous'; Production Company: HLA; Producer: Richard Skepper; 
    • Barclays Life Skills: 'Heli' & 'Wind Farm'; Production Company: Producer: Debbie Ninnis; Director: Tom Green
    • Patient Series: 'Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure & Diabetic'; Production Company: Dimension Studio; Producer: Laura Duffy; 
    • Virgin Games: 'Hi-Lo Turkey'; Production Company: Groovy Gecko; Producer: Maxine Denton
    • Dune Shoes: 'Spring/Summer 2018'; Production Company: 76 Ltd Producer: Phil Barnes; Director: Mouldy 
    • Epsom: 'Extreme Reps' With Lewis Hamilton; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Zac Ella; Director: Emma Bewley
    • Revlon: 'Live Boldly'; Production Company: Lucky Strike Productions; Producer: Alex Yiaxis
  2. November 2017
    • Smirnoff: 'UK Purpose'; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Lee Groombridge; Director: Max Weiland
    • CST: 'Create Against Hate'; Production Company: The Kitchen; Producer: George Arton; Director: Oliver & Oliver 
    • Sainsburys: 'Scarlett'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Kate Pirouet; Director: Luke Robson
    • Mentholatum: 'Spice Up your exercise'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Ricky Williams
    • Uncle Bens: 'The Melting Pot'; Production Company: Bold; Producer: Dave Knox; Director: Greg Davenport 
    • Stand Up: 'Education Against Discrimination'; Production Company: The Kitchen: Producer: George Arton; Director: Oliver & Oliver 
    • Bvlgari: 'Save The Children'; Production Company: Stable London; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Tom Chaplin: 'Midnight Mass'; Production Company: Greatcoat Video; Producer: Simon Oxley; Director: Johny Mourgue
    • Pringles Original: ‘Equity’  & ‘Football’; Production Company: Believe Media; Producer: Jack Beardsley; Director: Sammy Rawal
    • Craig David Ft. Bastille: 'I Know You'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Jess Bell; Director: Alex Southam
    • Jamie Lawson: 'Footsteps'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Kaz Ove
    • Amazon Launch Pad: ‘Clumsy’ Minimercial; Production Company: Way To Blue
    • Tesco: 'An Improvised Christmas'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Gustav Geldenhuys; Director: Guy Shelmerdine
  3. October 2017
    • ADP ft Jeremih: 'No Good For Me'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Linah Bensadok; Director: Ray  Fiasco
    • Smart Energy: 'The Power of 10p'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Daniel Wheldon; Director: Peter King
    • EE / Apple: 'Only On EE' & 'Go All Out'; Production Company: Hungry Man; Producer: Ben Roberts; Director: Hank Perlman
    • UBS Bank; Production Company: Proud Robinson & Partners; Producer: Dobrina Manolova; Director: Jack Chute
    • Boots: 'How Did You Know'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Chris Harrison; Director: Benito Montorio
    • Sun Bingo Cinema Promotion; Production Company: News UK; Producer: Ed Smith; Director: Mark Hudson
    • Instagram: 'Stories are Everywhere'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Patrick Craig; Director: Dent De Cuir
    • Call Of Duty: 'Expeditionary'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Gio Forino; Director: Chris Goodson
    • Strangers 2: 'Prey at Night'; Production Company: White Comet; Producer: Mark Lane; Director: Johannes Roberts
    • Marshmello Ft. Khalid Promo: 'Silence'; Production Company: London Alley; Producer: Mark Gibbons; Director: Courtney Philips
    • Fickle Friends: 'Hard To Love Myself'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Imogen Harrison;  Director: Daniel Harris
  4. September 2017
    • 'Drum': Short Film; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Tom Gardner; Director: Hayley Williams
    • Toby Carvery; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Ayo Davis; Director: Alex Nicholson
    • Chelcee Grimes: 'Girls'; Production Company: RCA; Producer: Paul Romero Mendez; Director: Laurence Warder
    • Barclays; Production Company: StrangeLove Productions; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Greg Hackett
    • The Laughing Cow: 'Snaccident'; Production Company: Kream; Producer: Lauren Tyson; Director: Robert Sanderson
    • Lidl: 'Christmas'; Production Company: Outsider; Producer: Tex Travi; Director: Jim Gilchrist
    • T.K.Maxx: ‘White Christmas’; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Richard Fenton; Director: Ian Pons Jewell
    • Steel Banglez Ft. Yungen Mo Stack Mr Eazi & Not3S: 'Bad'; Production Company: Sugarcane Media; Producer: Indiana Mookram & Lavinia Noel; Director: Kaz Ove
    • Dan Owen: 'Hideaway'; Production Company: Kode Media; Producer: Jen Gelin; Director: Nick Bartleet
    • Alex Adair: 'Casual'; Production Company: Rogue Films; Producer: Alice Hopgood; Director: Josh Thornton-Allan
    • Bet Bull: 'Jacuzzi' & 'Feast'; Production Company: The Wagon; Producer: Selena Cunningham; Director: Freddie Waters
    • Completely Group / Lendlease: 'Elephant Park'; Production Company: Short Form Film; Producer: Ania Polewiak; Director: Johny Mourgue
    • JD Williams: 'Christmas Lifestore'; Production Company: Friend London; Producer: Rachel Rumbold; Director: Sarah Chatfield
    • Chris & Kem: 'Little Bit Leave It'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Linah Bensadok; Director: Meji Alabi
  5. August 2017
    • Niall Horan: 'Too Much Too Ask'; Production Company: Strange Love Productions; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Malia James
    • Experian: 'How Lending Works'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Bianca Di Marco
    • Guide Dogs: ‘Dates’; Production Company: Bullions Productions; Producer: Jon Mealing; Director: Jack Newman
    •; Production Company: Laura Holmes Production; Producer: Ros Jenkins; Director: Lacey
    • Mercedes-Benz Idents: 'Airport'; Production Company: Hoi Polloi; Producer: Sookie Foster; Director: Dan Castella
    • Department for Work & Pensions: 'Chef'; Production Company: Hunky Dory; Producer: Nick Papworth; Director: Christian Bevilacqua
    • Sarmad: 'Horn'; Production Company: Sugarcane Media; Producer: Lavinia Noel & Indiana Mookram; Director: Ben Peters
    • 02: 'OOPS'; Production Company: Merman Films; Producer: Georgina Fillmore; Director: Dave Ma
    • Shell: 'B2b Lubes Phase 2'; Production Company: Iris Worldwide; Producer: Jody Brown
    • Audi Sport: 'Statement'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Emma Cairns; Director: Jordan Scott
    • Off Bloom: 'Shut up & Let Me Walk'; Production Company: MyAccomplice; Producer: Imogen Harrison; Director: Daniel Harris
    • Sam Smith: 'Too Good at Goodbyes'; Production Company: Riff Raff; Producer: Tom Birmingham; Director: Luke Monaghan
  6. July 2017
    • Nike: 'Smile'; Production Company: Rogue Films; Producer: Sophie Weldon; Director: Mark Zibert
    • Shrey Singhal: 'KSJ'; Production Company: Double A; Producer: Rohan Scully; Director: Ben Peters
    • Chip X Ella Mai: “Hit Me Up”; Production Company: Once Upon a Film; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot
    • Three Mobile: 'Binge Box'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Ebele Tate
    • Sony; Production Company: HMX Media; Producer: David Wieder; Director: Simon Gut
    • Summer Survivors; Production Company: Roughcut TV; Producer: Bertie Peek; Director: Christopher Poole
    • Skepta: ‘Hypocrisy’; Production Company: Mastermind Media Ltd; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Matthew Walker
    • Park dads; Production Company: Beano Studios; Producer: Ed Moline; Director: Ed Moline
    • Organ Donation: 'Speed Donate'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Rob Wills; Director: Jamie Delaney
    • Stryktipset; Production Company: Giants & Toys; Producer: Harvey Ascott; Director: Måns Månsson
    • EA Sports: 'Fifa 18'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Emma Butterworth; Director: Adam Berg
    • Wretch 32: 'Whistle On ‘Em'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: James Cross; Director: Joao Retorta
    • Jaguar X540: 'Start Something'; Production Company: MJZ; Producer: Amy Appleton; Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
    • The Wandering Heights: 'Devil'; Production Company: Mealing Media Ltd; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Mike Baldwin
    • Virgin Media: '30 Day Contract'; Production Company: HunkyDory; Producer: Lucy Hayes; Director: Dean Blumberg
    • Barclays: 'Catch A Thief'; Production Company: Vice; Producer: Francesca Boyce; Director: Rollo Hollins
  7. June 2017
    • Sony PlayStation: 'PlayLink'; Production Company: Reel Nice; Producer: Laura Shacham; Director: Mark Pizzey
    • Heavenly: Aurien’s Brand Film; Production Company: Knock Knock; Producer: Dai Davison; Director: Joe Morgan
    • Duke Dumont X Gorgon City Ft. Naations: 'Real Life'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Ross McDowell & Ben Murray
    • Virgin Trains: 'It’s Decision Time: “Enya v Speedcore”; Production Company: MJZ; Producer: Amy Appleton; Director: Tom Kuntz
    • Alt-J: 'Dead Crush'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Sonya Sier; Director: Young Replicant
    • Stella Artois: Stella Artois x Wimbledon; Production Company: Black Label; Producer: Shabana Mansuri; Director: Remi Weekes
    • Kojo Funds Ft. Kranium: 'All Day All Night'; Production Company: Warner Music Ltd; Producer: Eleri Evans
    • Lynx: 'Haters Gonna Hate'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Franklyn Banks
    • GHD: 'Infinate Styling'; Production Company: Rankin Film Productions; Producer: Nicola Kenney; Director: Rankin
    • GFinity: Viral Promo 1; Production Company: Noah Media Group; Producer: Pete Thomas; Director: Pete Latham
    • Ghostpoet: 'Freak Show'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Katie Lambert; Director: Zhang & Knight
    • Online Creative: 'Play Like Mum'; Production Company: Sassy Films; Producer: Jordan Young; Director: Floris Ramaekers
    • Gas Jeans; Production Company: Smiling Fox Productions; Producer: Melissa Massey
    • Subway: 'Blandwich'; Production Company: Blink Productions; Producer: Giles Skillicorn; Director; Max Sherman
    • Kronenbourg: Protector Of The Hops; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Jason Scanlon; Director: Neil Harris
    • MNEK: 'Paradise'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Vanessa McDonnell; Director: Ciaran Lyons
    • Felix Jaehn: 'Hot To Touch'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Tom Falck; Director: Carley Cussen
  8. May 2017
    • Purple Bricks: 'Barbeque', 'Birthday Cake', 'Clay Sculpture' & 'Office Milk'; Production Company: RadicalMedia; Producer: Connor Hollman; Director: Rosey
    • Sainsbury's: 'School Shop'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Matt Houghton
    • Yolanda Brown: 'Million Billion Love'; Production Company: PDesigns Media; Producer: Charlie Holing; Director: Paul Akinrinlola
    • Iyanya: 'Bow For You'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Ogodinife Okpue
    • Semaine & Chloe: 'London Calling'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Cindy Burnay; Director: Sophie Edelstein
    • Junior Empire: 'Decide'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Kat Cattaneo; Director: Eoin Glaister
    • Manomasa: 'Serve Spirit, Not Food', 'The Revolution will be Bite-Sized', 'Vive Libre, Gusto Mas'; Production Company: Lisbon; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Theo Nunn
    • Fosters: 'Seats In The Pub'; Production Company: Unilad; Producer: Mohamed A Mohamed; Director: Chris Goodson
    • Ride: 'All I Want'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Matt Frost; Director: Jade Mortimer
    • Sleek Make-up: 'My Face My Rules'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Sophie Hedberg; Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen
    • Deli Bricks ft. 67: 'Judgement Day'; Production Company: GRM Daily; Producer: Jack Hobbs; Director: Olly Jennings
    • Ray BLK: 'Westside'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Lil Internet
    • New York Bakery: 'The Woman Who Runs New York'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Shirley O’Connor; Director: ThirtyTwo

  9. April 2017
    • Orangina: 'Airport'; Production Company: Lucozade Ribena Suntory; Producer: Adam Merten; Director: Paul Casey
    • Zayne Malik Ft. PartyNextDoor: 'Still Got Time'; Production Company: Luti Media; Producer: Stefano Moses; Director: Calmatic
    • Compare The Market: 'Kids Car Tunes'; Production Company: HunkyDory; Producer: Dale Healy; Director: Mary-Sue Masson
    • Manchester International Festival: Cotton Panic; Production Company: Stable London; Producer: Kate Reynolds; Director: Wils Wilson
    • The Tide: 'Put The Cuffs On Me'; Production Company: Mealing Media Ltd; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Mike Baldwin
    • Toyota: 'SIB'; Production Company: ManaMedia UK; Producer: Minni Podewils; Director: Andy Redpath
    • Adidas: 'Earthday'; Production Company: We Are Social; Producer: Janna Bartlett;
    • Nytol: 'One A Night'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Medb Riordan;
    • Bought By Many Pet Insurance: 'Sweep'; Production Company: RSA Films Limited; Producer: Ben Porter; Director: Toby Dye
    • Lloyds Bank: 'Service'; Production Company: Academy Films; Producer: Juliette Harris; Director: Brendan Canty
    • Cancer Research: 'Walk All Over Cancer'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: Nez
    • New Hope Club: 'Fixed'; Production Company: Nice & Polite; Producer: Bianca Di Marco; Director: Matt Frost
    • The AA: 'Holiday Breakdown' & 'Car Genie'; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Producer: Stuart
      Bentham; Director: Traktor
    • First Direct: 'Astronauts of the Everyday'; Production Company: Smuggler;  Producer: Emma Butterworth; Director: Guy Shelmerdine
    • Sub Focus: 'Dont You Feel It'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Mickey Voak; Director: Taichi Kimura
    • L'Oreal, House 99: 'Project 99'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Rodolphe Lanaro; Director: Nabil
    • Amy Macdonald: 'Down By The Water'; Production Company: Park Village; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Paypal: 'We Wipe The Slate Clean', 'Cab', 'Treat', 'Travel', 'Tickets'; Production Company: Radical Media; Producer: Paz Parasmand; Director: Josh & Xander
    • Betsy: 'Little White Lies'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Stephanie Paeplow; Director: Ben Charles Edwards
  10. March 2017
    • Kasabian: 'You’re in Love With a Psycho'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Cecily Barber; Director: Wiz
    • KFC: 'Height Limit' & 'Made For Eachother'; Production Company: Rattling Stick; Producer: Tess Mitchell; Director: Pete Riski
    • Zara Larsson: 'Don't Let Me Be Yours'; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Amber Millington; Director: Daniel Kaufman
    • The Department For Transport: 'The Longest Two Seconds'; Production Company: Iconoclast; Producer: Emily Rudge; Director: Wafla
    • Isaac Gracie: 'Reverie'; Production Company: Gas & Electric; Producer: Matt Klemear; Director: Clara Aranovich
    • Moretti: 'Baffo In Feed'; Production Company: Vince Media Ltd; Producer: Chris Gane; Director: Phil Sansom
    • 'GSap': Short Film; Production Company: Somesuch; Producer: Tom Gardner; Director: Rollo Jackson
    • Sony: ‘XB40 Speakers’; Production Company: Stink Studios; Producer: Sara Nouman; Director: Giorgio Bruni
    • Disciples: 'On My Mind'; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Hannah Gracie; Director: Joao Retorta
    • Axe: '#ISITOKAYFORGUYS'; Production Company: Caviar; Producer: Scott O’Donnell; Director: Tom Ralph
    • Tudor Watches: 'Born To Dare'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Debbie Garvey; Director: Antony Crook
    • Academy Sports: 'Make it Happen’, ‘Legs’, ‘Lures’, ‘We Got You’; Production Company: Knucklehead; Producer: Matthew Brown; Director: Siri Bunford
    • Jennifer Hudson: 'Remember Me'; Production Company: Ammolite Inc; Producer: Mikey Levelle
    • Sam Callahan: 'Burns Like Fire'; Production Company: Be Happy Media; Producer: Gina Burns; Director: Johnny Marchetta
    • Pitch At The Palace: 'Drenched'; Production Company: Gravity Road; Producer: Alex Shillingford; Director: Peggy Nuttall
    • Simple: 'Simple Sunrise'; Production Company: Mindseye; Producer: Ash Lockmun; Director: Ryan Patrick
  11. February 2017
    • Vodafone, Project Freedom: 'Brithday'; Production company: Knucklehead; Producer: Sara Cummins; Director: Tony Barry
    • James Blunt: 'Love Me Better'; Production Company: Moxie Pictures; Producer: Sue Caldwell; Director: Vaughan Arnell
    • London Pride: 'Business as Usual'; Production Company: The Corner; Producer: Katie Heaselgrave
    • Engineering Space; Production Company: Arrow Media; Producer: Ash Potterton; Director: Richard Turley
    • Time For Change: 'In Your Corner'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Nick Fewtrell; Director: Ben Whitehouse
    • High Contrast: 'Shotgun Mouthwash'; Production Company: Park Village; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Marika Hackman: 'Boyfriend'; Production Company: Lady James; Producer: Amy James; Director: Libby Burke-Wilde
    • Ogilvy Healthworld: 'Ogi-int'; Production Company: Lets Talk; Producer: Tom Ross; Director: George Milton
    • Will Joseph Cook: 'Beach'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer; Ria Hanish-Oakes; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Glass Animals: 'Pork Soda'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Kat Cattaneo; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Habitat; Production Company: Partizan; Producer: Ella Sanderson; Director: Thomas Hilland
    • Jam Baxter: 'Above Ground'; Production Company: High Focus Records; Producer: Ash Halliburton
    • Property Campaign Video; Production Company: Forty Four Films; Producer/Director: Yuefeng Cui
    • Deezer: 'Flow'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Paula Garr; Director: John Dower
    • Mr Green: 'Live Without a Dull Day'; Production Company: The Viral Factory; Producer: David Wieder; Director: Daniel Castella
    • Lin Manuel Miranda & Jordan Fisher: 'You're Welcome'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Sonya Sier; Director: Declan Whitebloom
    • Steel Banglez ft Mostack, Abracadabra, Mist & Haile: 'Money'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Kaylum Dennis
    • EE: 'We Go Further'; Production Company: Hungry Man; Producer: Josh Goldstein; Director: Hank Perlman
    • Lucozade: 'Move'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Adam Evans; Director: Chris Hewitt
    • Klyne: 'Still Not Over You'; Production Company: Prettybird; Producer: Tom Manaton; Director: Margot Bowman
    • Highways England: 'Smart Motorways Online'; Production Company: Shield Films Limited; Producer: Tony Powell 
    • BBC Academy; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Hannah Gracie; Director: Romano Pizzichini
  12. January 2017
    • Cancer Research UK: 'Coffee Mornings'; Production Company: Nonsense London; Producer: Chris Dent
    • Sampha: 'Process'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Rik Green & Onye Anyanwu; Director: Kahlil Joseph
    • TFL: 'Project Guardian; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: John Bannister; Director: Duane Hopkins
    • Refugee Action: 'Let Refugees Learn'; Production Company: Brickwall; Producer: Ben Pelhan; Director: Matt Hoad-Robson
    • Dreamies: 'Impenetrable Pack'; Production Company: Caviar Content; Producer: Scott O’Donnell; Director: Tom Willems
    • 'Poverty is Sexist'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Chiara Grabmayr
    • Olamide: 'Pepper Dem Gang'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Rhys Lewis: 'Living in the City'; Production Company: Tribe Films; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Rafe Jennings
    • Olamide: 'Letters To Milli'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Wickes: 'Home Sponsorships'; Production Company: The Storylab; Producer: Michelle Kriedemann; Director: Katie Bell
    • Stormzy: 'Big for your Boots'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Daps
    • Circa Waves: 'Fire That Burns'; Production Company: MyAccomplice; Producer: Joshua Carter; Director: James Slater 
    • Temples: 'Strange or be Forgotten'; Production Company: Colonel Blimp; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: James Beale
    • New Covent Garden Soup: 'Revive Your Lunch'; Production Company: Nonsense London: Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Will Savage

"Thanks for the work TT, I really enjoy it. Working with great people and networking helps us all to achieve our dream for the future. TT are very professional and always keep us updated with what’s going on. Payments are always on time, I wish I’d joined you years ago!"

Ray Neville

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