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Are you a talented musician? Could you be the next big thing? If you are looking to further your music career or gain experience within the music industry then look no further than the latest Talent Talks audition posts.

The auditions that we advertise are suitable for those with and without experience. Each opportunity allows members to expand their epertoire, gain experience, meet people, and have some fun along the way too. With so many different types of roles available, you could see yourself performing in a band, participate in a national competition, starring in big name Theatre show, become a Musician Teacher, appear as a back ground artist for a well know band and a whole lot more.

As soon as your Talent Talks profile is active, you are allocated a Talent Talks adviser to offer important support and tips to further your career. You can then set up your own personal online profile and are free to apply for any of the jobs that you see and like the look of!

Busy Take That Tribute Band, Mark Owen / Robbie Williams Needed. 50+ Shows Per Year. Paid

Join one of the UK's best and busiest Take That Tribute bands

Apply Before 28/02/2015

Male Singer Needed ASAP for One Direction Tribute Band

Male caucasian Singer Needed ASAP!

Apply Before 30/12/2014

Pop Rock/ Pop Punk Band Seeking Guitarists

Essex-based Pop Rock/Pop Punk band seeking two Guitarists

Apply Before 05/01/2015

When Did You Lose Your Virginity? Looking For Ladies To Speak About Their First Time

You'll be named in pictured in the piece, but you will be paid a fee and we'll also cover any expenses incurred

Apply Before 31/12/2014

Team UK at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood!

Actors, Singers, Dancers, Instrumentalists and Variety Artists wanted to compete in Hollywood!

Apply Before 30/01/2015

Plus sizers seeking work? Employers making judgements on size and not ability?

ITN documentary wants to hear from you!

Apply Before 31/12/2014

Looking for girls aged 19-23 who dream of performing within a fun and ambitious group.

We are looking to take this very seriously as careers so come and join us and live your dream too.

Apply Before 01/01/2015

JOIN the British Team 2015 for The World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles

The only series of competitions to find and crown the best aspiring performing artists on earth!

Apply Before 30/01/2015

Maverick TV are fixing Hair Disasters for FREE!!

Extreme Beauty Disasters are fixing your hair problems!

Apply Before 31/12/2014

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