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Work Credits

  1. March 2017
    • Kasabian: 'You’re in Love With a Psycho'; Production Company: My Accomplice; Producer: Cecily Barber; Director: Wiz
  2. February 2017
    • Vodafone, Project Freedom: 'Brithday'; Production company: Knucklehead; Producer: Sara Cummins; Director: Tony Barry
    • James Blunt: 'Love Me Better'; Production Company: Moxie Pictures; Producer: Sue Caldwell; Director: Vaughan Arnell
    • London Pride: 'Business as Usual'; Production Company: The Corner; Producer: Katie Heaselgrave
    • Engineering Space; Production Company: Arrow Media; Producer: Ash Potterton; Director: Richard Turley
    • Time For Change: 'In Your Corner'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Nick Fewtrell; Director: Ben Whitehouse
    • High Contrast: 'Shotgun Mouthwash'; Production Company: Park Village; Producer: Thalia Murray; Director: Chris Turner
    • Marika Hackman: 'Boyfriend'; Production Company: Lady James; Producer: Amy James; Director: Libby Burke-Wilde
    • Ogilvy Healthworld: 'Ogi-int'; Production Company: Lets Talk; Producer: Tom Ross; Director: George Milton
    • Will Joseph Cook: 'Beach'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer; Ria Hanish-Oakes; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Glass Animals: 'Pork Soda'; Production Company: Agile Films; Producer: Kat Cattaneo; Director: Eoin Glastier
    • Habitat; Production Company: Partizan; Producer: Ella Sanderson; Director: Thomas Hilland
    • Jam Baxter: 'Above Ground'; Production Company: High Focus Records; Producer: Ash Halliburton
    • Property Campaign Video; Production Company: Forty Four Films; Producer/Director: Yuefeng Cui
    • Deezer: 'Flow'; Production Company: Pulse; Producer: Paula Garr; Director: John Dower
    • Mr Green: 'Live Without a Dull Day'; Production Company: The Viral Factory; Producer: David Wieder; Director: Daniel Castella
    • Lin Manuel Miranda & Jordan Fisher: 'You're Welcome'; Production Company: RSA Films; Producer: Sonya Sier; Director: Declan Whitebloom
    • Steel Banglez ft Mostack, Abracadabra, Mist & Haile: 'Money'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Kaylum Dennis
    • EE: 'We Go Further'; Production Company: Hungry Man; Producer: Josh Goldstein; Director: Hank Perlman
    • Lucozade: 'Move'; Production Company: Smuggler; Producer: Adam Evans; Director: Chris Hewitt
    • Klyne: 'Still Not Over You'; Production Company: Prettybird; Producer: Tom Manaton; Director: Margot Bowman
    • Highways England: 'Smart Motorways Online'; Production Company: Shield Films Limited; Producer: Tony Powell 
    • BBC Academy; Production Company: Bullion Productions; Producer: Hannah Gracie; Director: Romano Pizzichini
  3. January 2017
    • Cancer Research UK: 'Coffee Mornings'; Production Company: Nonsense London; Producer: Chris Dent
    • Sampha: 'Process'; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: Rik Green & Onye Anyanwu; Director: Kahlil Joseph
    • TFL: 'Project Guardian; Production Company: Pulse Films; Producer: John Bannister; Director: Duane Hopkins
    • Refugee Action: 'Let Refugees Learn'; Production Company: Brickwall; Producer: Ben Pelhan; Director: Matt Hoad-Robson
    • Dreamies: 'Impenetrable Pack'; Production Company: Caviar Content; Producer: Scott O’Donnell; Director: Tom Willems
    • 'Poverty is Sexist'; Production Company: Stink; Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings; Director: Chiara Grabmayr
    • Olamide: 'Pepper Dem Gang'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Rhys Lewis: 'Living in the City'; Production Company: Tribe Films; Producer: Ben Mealing; Director: Rafe Jennings
    • Olamide: 'Letters To Milli'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Moe Musa
    • Wickes: 'Home Sponsorships'; Production Company: The Storylab; Producer: Michelle Kriedemann; Director: Katie Bell
    • Stormzy: 'Big for your Boots'; Production Company: Mastermind Media; Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot; Director: Daps
    • Circa Waves: 'Fire That Burns'; Production Company: MyAccomplice; Producer: Joshua Carter; Director: James Slater 
    • Temples: 'Strange or be Forgotten'; Production Company: Colonel Blimp; Producer: Alistair Payne-James; Director: James Beale
    • New Covent Garden Soup: 'Revive Your Lunch'; Production Company: Nonsense London: Producer: Chris Dent; Director: Will Savage

"Talent Talks is a friendly Agency with the personal touch. Professional, experienced people who always take care of you and are usually on set to make sure all is well. Gemma, Steve, Louise and Bobby are the nicest, most genuine people in the industry."

Jesmond Murray

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